CLANNAD ~After Story~ Ep.02

October 13, 2008 at 6:02 pm | Posted in Clannad ~Ater Story~ | 1 Comment
Tags: , , , gets a “girlfriend”. Gonna keep it short cause since basically everyone’s writing on this, this is just to keep reference for myself more then to have people read. :P

Anyways, so Sunohara wants to get a girlfriend to make Mei-chan go away. he ends up asking Ryou (ending in him getting nearly killed by Kyou), Tomoyo, Kotomi (Who actually said yes), and Yukine (Which he gets hurt by some other guy). Then he hits on a passerby girl… and then Sanae asks to help. LOL Sunohara thinking she’s Nagisa’s sister. Sunohara tells Mei he’s engaged to his “girlfriend” and then they plan for Mei to meet Sanae/Girlfriend. Sanae tries on som typical costumes (Nurse, Police, Gym Uniform, Maid), and then ended in a teacher-esque outfit. Sunohara and Sanae have a practice date.

Shojo Sparkles ACTIVATE!

Then, on the day of the real date, Tomoya is a not-nice friend, tells Mei to call out for Sunohara like his girlfriend would. LOL at the cans. Sanae arrives and OMG MOE. Moe mode Activate! “So this is Sunohara’s Girlfriend…” and end.

Next Episode: Sunohara x Sanae end?


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  1. …… Warped. Majorly warped. Sorta. xD;;

    Loved the sparkles. Maybe if I ever finish S1 I’ll go with this season too…

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