Gamer Talk — Tales of the iPod [10.12.08]

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Really the first of the “Gamer Talk” sessions. I actually almost started this on Thursday because I had off and thought it was saturday. xD Anyways, while my last gaming post was on a Sunday, I kinda don’t count it or whatever.

Um, anyways, here we go~, I’m gonna talk iPod games. Each runs about 5$ for some silly little game you’ll play on a car or bus ride. I normally stuck to Solitaire (Aiming for 666 times played LOL), but my sister’s had Sims DJ for a bit, and I finally decided to get it from her. The game is quite simple, yet addicting like every other Sims game. Graphics-wise, concidering it’s an iPod game, they’re pretty awsome. The game consists of “Gigs” in which you play music and use skills to complete goals that are assigned. Each dancing sim has a song preference, which can be played with if you have a skill, and will only start dancing if their type of song comes on, though sometimes they will start for random reasons. Anyways, the gameplay is simple, and its Import-Your-Music deal is a nice touch. You assign genres to songs you take from your iPod (50 SImleons each), so it doesn’t even matter if it is that genre, you just make sure those Sims think it is. ;3

Overall: If you need something to do on your ride somewhere, I suggest it. It’s not too hard nor too simple, and can be quite addicting sometimes. iPod game, Phase. One of my friends had suggested this one to me, and I had tried it on her iPod Nano. Simply put, this is a Guitar Hero for your iPod. When you get this game it automatically adds a playlist called “Phase Music” to your list, and you have to sync it up to your iPod. Whatever songs are in that playlist are encoded to play on Phase, and are given a generated note map. Honestly, for a computer generated note map, they’re pretty damn good. Two of my fave songs to play on this are “星間飛行” and “だんご大家族”, they note-mapped very well. Also, stick anything over 10 minutes for a huge challenge. The game’s really fun and each round can be short and sweet, so it doens’t keep you busy for a long time.

Overall: If you don’t have lengthy rides to places, this is a good game since unless you play a 10-min song, you don’t have to worry about having to abandon/save & quit your game. However, if you don’t have some sort of rythmn, don’t play. :P last iPod game I have is Song Summoner. This is a Square-Enniz game, much like Final Fantasy: Tactics. You play Ziggy, a Conductor who uses the “power of the music (yo)” to save his brother, Zero. In the “Hip-O-Drome” you take your iPod music and turn it into soilder which you summon to kick butt. For a 5$ game, this has plot and very nice graphics. As for the troops, eh. I used the song “悲しみの向こう” (Yeah, that song from the end of School Days), and ended up with a Monk. One who fights with fists… No, not a knight or anything that would be cool. A Monk. Honestly, I have more monks then I care for. Ohyeah, and that picture to the left, that’s a GUY character. :/ I thought it was a girl… Anyways, for an iPod game, this is superb, even if you music doesn’t really affect it all too much.

Overall: If you have way to much time on your hands and a long lasting iPod battery, go for it. I’ve been playing Tales of the Abyss now, which right now I’m probably about half an episode ahead or so. :P I work fast. Though for the most part ToA talk will be left to the Anime Episode posts, since I am trying my best to not get too far ahead of the anime. Guy is in my party now, but whatever. I just want Anise back, I haven’t tried her fight-style yet. D: It looks cooool.

Ohyeah, and I’ve still been PangYa-ing instead of Homework-ing, so I’ve finally leveled to Junior B. :D And I landed an awesome Chip-In… Somewhere around 170m. :3 Also planning on getting Arin at some point, I don’t really like Lucia’s China dress, and whatever. :/ I’ve always wanted an Arin anyways. Arin’s fun to play dress up with in the shop. xD

Oops. D:


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