Tales of the Abyss — Ep1&2

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https://i2.wp.com/i2.photobucket.com/albums/y26/Chibi-Meower/blog/a_e002_s003.pngAlright, now with my game started and subs up and online, I can begin. I’m a bit farther in my game (And I’ll probably finish up what’ll be in Ep.3 sometime this week or next), but the Anime’s moving at a quick pace right now and I shouldn’t be behind for long. Personally, I’m just jealous of Anime!Luke and Anime!Tear. 1-Hit KOs?! Do want! Always one thing when watching a series based off a game… It makes you realize how much you suck. Like me and finding the Cheagle Forest. Took me, like, 20 minutes to find it. :/ That’s also why I never got far in Symphonia, My map abilities suck. So I’d get lost, and then never find where I’m supposed to go, and have to return it to my friend. Dx;; Massive fail.

https://i0.wp.com/i2.photobucket.com/albums/y26/Chibi-Meower/blog/a_e001_s003.pngEpisode 1

We begin with Luke straying a tad bit off to the forest place. Natalia’s arrived, which personally I was like “What?” cause I haven’t met her yet in the game (SPOILERS LOL, Oh well). I don’t like or dislike her right now, but it was nice to see her, since I haven’t really yet. Though I do say, interesting outfit you got there girl. Personally like the archer-lookin’ one in the booklet/game though. So the Natalia leaves, blah blah blah, Guy (LOL nice name thar) and shiz. Then Luke has to talk to his father about a visitor he has, which is his Training Master, Van. https://i2.wp.com/i2.photobucket.com/albums/y26/Chibi-Meower/blog/a_e001_s004.pngVan’s going out to look for Ion (HA. HA. FAT CHANCE. [/portal joke]), the Fon Master. Luke acts like a spoiled brat (Come here, let me kick you in the face. D<), and shiz. Then Master Van says he’ll train Luke today for as long as he wants because he’ll be gone. Fight of Van vs Luke is a nice cover-up for the dummy-tutorial stage. Tear starts heading in, singing a song (lol siren), and making the guards and servants fall asleep. She rushes as Van (Her own goddamn brother! [/heroes joke]) and Luke stops her. Hyper-Resonance thing, and tele out. “Oh my god that’s the sea?!” and stuff, they hitch a ride to the “capital”. And OOPS. Wrong country!

https://i2.wp.com/i2.photobucket.com/albums/y26/Chibi-Meower/blog/a_e002_s001.pngEpisode 2

They decide to stop at Engeve, hoping to figure a way back to Baticul in Kimlasca-Lanvaldear (Please tell me I’m not the only one wanting to pronounce that as “Lavender”), since the bridge was broken by the Dark Wing Bandits. They go to stock up (Skipping the boring Cooking quest), and Luke steals an apple, cause he’s a brat and doesn’t know you pay for stuff up front. Nice. =___=;; He’s accused as the theif who’s https://i0.wp.com/i2.photobucket.com/albums/y26/Chibi-Meower/blog/a_e002_s005.pngbeen raiding their stocks, and is taken to Rose. Jade is in there and talking about a few things. After a bit of shouting, Ion arrives and says that it wasn’t Luke, it was the Cheagles because there was a cheagle feather left behind. Nighttime, and Luke needs to write his diary to remember stuff and whatever. Next morning, Luke wants to find proof the Cheagles did it and off to the forest! They find Ion, who does that Fon whatever shiny thing and beats the crud out of the monsters swarming him. Yes, him. At least Ion’s Japanese voice is slightly less girly then his English voice. They go to find the Cheagles, because Ion wants to know why they were stealing, since they’re sacred creatures.

https://i0.wp.com/i2.photobucket.com/albums/y26/Chibi-Meower/blog/a_e002_s006.pngCHEAGLES YAY. <3 They find their nest and Ion talks to the elder. The elder explains they stole the food to protect themselves from the Ligers (When I heard this, I thought Napolean Dynamite. D: ), since one of their pack members burnt down Liger territory. Ion wants to negotiate with the Ligers, but since they don’t speak monster, the elder sends Mieu with them. SO. FREAKING. CUTE. *hugs* Though I didn’t know Meiu could fly… whatever, Meiu’s still cute, so long as he (Dx less guy sounding than Ion!) isn’t speaking monster cause “meiu meiu meiuuuu” sounds retarded. Sounds like he’s starting up a “Meiu Mix”. [insert groan at bad pun] Anyways, so the Liger’s gonna have her babies that’ll go eating the village people, so Tear and Luke go to kick the crud out of the Liger Queen. Of course, Jade pops in and beats her, and scrambles her eggs, before the battle could really happen. Stuff happens, they get out, Tear and Luke arrested. End episode. Ohyeah, and Anise was in there, but not for anything really worth noting. She’s just the cute Loli. x3


Next Episode: Tartarus!

https://i0.wp.com/i2.photobucket.com/albums/y26/Chibi-Meower/blog/a_e001_s002.pngGame Talk

Since I’m playing and watching, this’ll be at the end of every post for ToA. For the most part, the anime kept true to the Game. At this point I’m at about the middle of the next episode’s point, maybe a little bit more then middle. As for character likes and dislikes, Anise is my current Fave, with Ion and Meiu close seconds. Oh and Tear at 3rd. Can’t say anything on Natalia, since I haven’t met her, save for the half an episode. Jade I don’t really like. :/ Not only when he was in the party did he kick the crap out of everything, but at where I am now it’s like “. . . That thing did what?” Yeah, Level-whatver –> Level 4. =____= My Luke and Tear are better then that! And I don’t train! Oh yeah, and…




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  1. We missed Mesut Ozil too! It was confirmed by Arsene Wenger, while commentating for French Televison during the Euros. Arsenal were the first club to track him at Werder. Ozil finally had the choice to go to Arsenal or Real and he chose Arsenal.

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