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Felt like watching something, so I watched this. There’s about 4 or 5 different sketches in the OVA episode, reaching out to 40 minutes. There were somethings I didn’t get, while others were brilliant, but I enjoyed it none-the-less.

Follow the cut~, it begins with Minami and her dog, Cherry. Minami’s having everyone over and there a few parts with the girls playing with Cherry. Miyuki gives Cherry a cookie, which Cherry hides in the yard. Tsukasa spots Cherry hiding the food, on their way in, though she has to backtrack cause she lost her cell. Following that, We also see Yutaka playing with Cherry, and she starts singing a song with Cherry’s paws in her hands. Hiyori points out Yutaka was to be going to the bathroom (LOL), and then she tried to play with Cherry. She tries to get Cherry to play with her, and then bribes with a cookie, which gets her no response so she puts it away. She then asks Cherry to give her a paw, and then gets beat up, LOL. She gives Cherry the cookie. It ends with Minami having dinner and seeing Cherry not eating the food. Minami says some stuff about hoping Cherry gets better. Poor doggy~ second portion was highly amusing for me, having played so many MMOs. Kagami and Tsukasa came to the MMO Konata’s being playing with Nanako (I suppose the same MMO from the Anime). Kagami’s a Cleric, and Tsukasa’s a Mage. Kagami’s got the hang of it, while Tsukasa… well she’s hilarious the whole time. doesn’t know what she’s doing, ends up eating meat to heal when she should be casting a spell, and forgets to set herself into chat mode and tries to type, opening up almost every info panel in the MMO. xD Oh, and the Hare Hare Yukai Pose = Awesome Victory Pose. I want that emotion in MMOs! up, Kagami as Cinderella. Her sisters are going to this “Dance” without her, and then Konata appears in Nagato-Witch attire, claiming to be basically her Fairy Godmother. Konata persuades Kagami after moving her house to go to the ball/dance, and they head in. Konata then has to dress Kagami for the occasion, resulting in many hilarious outfits. First was a Maid, then Shine Maiden, and a couple other cosplays I didn’t recognize, then she ended up in Hatsune Miku. totally made this whole thing worth watching for me. xD Konata’s Starling Inferno breaks, so she can’t change Kagami out of Miku’s outfit. They go to the “dance” (Looks more like a wresting match LOL), with Misao as the Prince, wanting Kagami as her princess. LOL Yuri. Kagami says that she wants to go back, since at midnight the magic will wear off. They head back, and Kagami’s house is still in the middle of the street. Unfortunately, it was midnight a tad too soon, leaving them in the middle of the street, and Konata’s magic doesn’t work anymore. Kagami wants everything back to normal, and Konata says that she has to cast the spell for it to work. She whispers it into Kagami’s ear, and when Kagami says the line she wakes up. up, Volleyball with the twins. Tsukasa fells she can’t beat her sister, but Misao encourages her to try her best and win against Kagami. Score Score Score, 26-25. Kagami shoots the volleyball, and instead of hitting it back to the other side… it hits Tsukasa right in the face! Owch. While she didn’t win, Tsukasa now fells she will one day beat her sister. the girls are lost in the woods for the Hiking club. Konata had forgotten the compass on the bus, and also picked the path that went up the mountain. No reception leads them to not being able to find thier way back. Hunger knaws at them during the sunset colors, and they split some of the food Konata had. It then grows dark and Konata starts telling 100 ghost stories to “summon real monsters”. She uses a stick with a curved end at the top everytime to scare the crap out of Tsukasa. Hillarious, but poor Tsukasa~. In the end, Konata’s cell rings (Mi mi mirikaru Mikururun~) and they find their way back, lectured by Nanako. They eat, and end sketch., what I suppose is a dream of Konata’s. They go to the pet store as a group, and see weird pets. A black cat they say is “magical”, Keroro and Tamama frogs. The girls are then turned into frogs and then a Wa wa wa wasuremono~ thing, and Lucky Channel Live Action. The last skit was weird, and whoever subbed the episode left Lucky*Channel unsubbed, plus they screwed up the audio line up to the video so the words didn’t match the video at all.

Anyways, it was still fun to watch, and hopfully I can find the Lucky*Channel segment subbed, and properly lined up video and audio.



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  1. It was awesomeness all around this OVA.

  2. That Kagami cosplay in the middle of the sequence was Rin from Fate/Stay Night, another tsundere.

  3. what is the line when kagamin woke up?
    i cannot catch why tsukasa made that expression

  4. Starling Inferno? Good job Lucky ☆ Star team!

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