Game Review — Meccha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS: 7-tsu Shima no Daibouken

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I got this game a little while ago, and started working through the long storyline that the game features. This Taiko game is a sequal to Taiko no Tatsujin DS: Tachi de Dokodon! (太鼓の達人DS:タッチでドコドン!). What the first DS game did, Meccha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS: 7-tsu no Shima no Daibouken (めっちゃ!太鼓の達人DS:7つの島の大冒険) does even better. The game also features the dress-up section of the game, along with the Dojo portion. New to this game is the storyline “dojo”. Oh, and the stickers for your Taiko styli and elsewhere. My blue taiko stick has the Lantern, and the red has the Squid. xD

To begin, I’ll explain the storyline area. This evil group, Dokon-Dan, is out taking over the Dojos on multiple islands, under the control of Dokon. Your goal is to beat every round in the areas, collect the clothing and Taiko Sound-Types, and beat the major boss. To get into certain areas you need to wear certain clothes or use a special Taiko Sound-Type. Normally you only get the clothing from that area, and the drum from previous boss battles. Every boss has a special attack that makes it harder to nail those hard parts, and of course they only use it during the hard parts. Plus, you can’t even practice the song. Boss battles have special songs you get after you beat all the bosses that use it. Personally, the hardest for me were Botan’s (The purple-haired girl) and the Final boss’s (He’s not listed in the character listing, as a note). Botan’s is like a flashlight moving around the screen, making it so you have to memorize the notes coming in, and the final boss’s is similar in that it hides most of your note stream.

The Storyline is well done, and while I had no idea what they were saying, it was a nice challenge, and I’m now working on the hard-mode version. The old Dojo is still there, and after you hit certain ranks you can get more drums, like the Butt Taiko! xD Yes, there’s a Butt Taiko. And it farts. xD

The game plays like the PS2 and the past DS game. There’s more drum types and clothing, plus easier ways to get the clothing, since a lot of it’s from the storyline. The dual styli is a nice touch and I love the stickers that came with this game for the taiko sticks. Overall it’s a really nice game, and the song selection is really awesome. Two IDOLM@STER songs, including Agent Yoru o Iku, plus they have special character from the IDOLM@STER games that pop up as you hit the amounts on the gauge. There’s a lot of special characters for their series songs, and it leaves a nice touch for the game. Beats out the english one by far.


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