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So, I’m gonna talk about the newest Square-Ennix masterpiece, The World Ends With You, also known as すばらしきこのせかい (I think they left it all in Hiragana…). I played the English Version, so any alterations from the JP version I won’t have noticed, only having played the US release. I know that I’m prolly the, like, last person to play it, but excuse me I’m a poor high school student. Dx; Plus, I had to reason to play video games recently (Thank you PangYa!… xD) So to begin, the plot line. You, Neku Sakuraba, wake up in the middle of an intersection filled to the brim with people. All of a sudden, these Frogs rush out at you! Unfortunatly, you can’t do a thing and are forced to run. Rushing through Scramble Crossing, you end up at the Statue of Hachiko (This dog-lookin’ thing). You see People being picked up by these weird symbols, and then more frogs come at you. A girl runs up to you, shouting to form a pact. You’re thrust into a battle against the frogs. Now with the pact formed with this girl, you can fight “Noise”. You, Neku, are now in a 7-day game… The Reaper’s Game. Lose, and face erasure. … Or, well, Game Over.

An interesting plot, quiet honestly. At first, I thought it’d be a short-and-sweet, quick, storyline. 7 days and end game. BUU BUU! How wrong I was! It’s three weeks, all for their various reasons. Also, as a note, the little booklet itself lends to spoilers without flat out saying it (Rhyme has no full name or Fusion Page), which is kinda sad. Square-Ennix, you’re not supposed to be that stupid! As for plot line and character developtment, the game has it in bucketfuls, and not just some lame-o story. It’s well done, and I loved it. I won’t spoil it, but trust me, you’ll be shocked, some of those plot twists are nutty. let’s talk graphics and sound. Firstly, the graphics are amazing. Check the fully-animated Opening Video, and little cutscenes in some of the chapters. Very Nice, especially for a DS. Square-Ennix does it again. Character design is amazing as well. Each one has their own style and personality, which shows through with their clothing, poses, and voices. Nice picks on the voices too. I don’t know what the Japanese ones sounded like, but the English ones are damn awsome.  Oh, the Music. I went out and bought 3 of the songs. Okay, I don’t normally do that. The music is AMAZING. And that’s an understatment. The songs are catchy, and in amazing quality too. They left some songs in Japanese (Thaaaank you~), and some have translated versions (Though some I believe were already in english). Also, the CDs you can buy are nice. My menu’s set to “Calling” right now. :3 I love how the Japanese versions were titled in Japanese, with the english translation in parathases. Thank you very much Square-Ennix. fight system is my one problem. It’s new, it’s amazing, and it’s well done… But it’s a pain. My way of playing is really Button mash, and screen scribble. It’s amazing and new and I love it, but it’s a bit much for me to handle. I am trying to get the Follow-the-Light-Puck going, but it’s not working to well. The pin system is well done too. I’m bad at leveling up pins (Seriously, I suck), but I love the work put into it. And LOL at the Yen Pins. xD It’s a pain I have to leave a lot of those alone because I ran out of room in my wallet. The Microphone pins are a cool touch (Though I think I kill my throat with the shout ones xD), and I like how it all works. Though it would be nice if you could click a pin or something to see what the way to activate was. The mission where the Reaper picked your pins I had no idea what the did, and I didn’t know they were Mic pins (First encounter with them for me), and I couldn’t figure out what they did for a while. Dx Plus, some of the pins suck major butt, and I never use them. Oh, and some of them they drop too often. Keep getting more and more of that Murasame one of whatever.

Overall, the game is superb, another Square-Ennix masterpiece. It’s nice to see something not FF or KH too. Though I don’t want them to turn this into a cash cow too. :/

LaTale is on it’s download, and hopfully I won’t burn my eyes out.



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  1. I loved this game and the pins arent that difficult but my favorite is excalibur i had to buy protectors 4 my touch screen i didnt want all the lines to stay the :p

  2. This game is awesome! One of the best DS game in my book.

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