Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #49 — Ni~co Nico Douga~♪

September 10, 2008 at 3:45 pm | Posted in Nico Nico Douga, Vocaloid | Leave a comment
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【ニコニコ動画】週刊VOCALOIDランキング #49

First ranking with my bass-inducing speakers. xD

  • #30: GAKUPO.
  • #29: OMIGAWD NO WAI! (And damn, lots of bass.)
  • #28: Oh, really pretty (Though stupid bass is loud. D: It prolly would sound better without it).
  • #27: Oh yay~ More good Miku songs! Pretty art as well!
  • #25: More Miku x8 songs! These are really pretty too~
  • #24: NOOOOOO. D:
  • #23: Oh, nice~ Not catchy though…
  • #22: Beautiful artwork~ The song is really pretty too.
  • #21: Aw, SETSUNA dropped.
  • #20: !! Nice!
  • #16: Okay, fine I’ll say it. This song is pretty good. Catchy. Dx I hate Gakupo, but this song’s pretty decent.
  • #14: Dark Miku? Interesting piece.
  • #13: Aw. It fell!
  • Pick Up: Oh nice! A really nice Rin & Len song!
  • #10: I really love this song~ <3
  • #07: A mature sounding Meiko?! Man, I haven’t heard her sing like that in a while.
  • #05: =D Yay more August Bride~
  • #03: Kaito x Miku? x3 Beautiful piece and art!
  • #02: Pretty song, though it’s not sticking for me.
  • #01: xD Of course.

Anyways, this week was interesting, especially hearing everything with the enhanced bass line (Thanks to my new amazing speakers, though sometimes the bass is a bit… much). Nice amount of new, good songs, so I’m very pleased with the rankings this week. =3


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