MMO Review: PiStory — A big ball of quiet

September 4, 2008 at 6:15 pm | Posted in MMORPGs | 3 Comments
Tags: , , , , , ,, so I figured, let’s try those games I only thought about. Now I can add more games to my list. Recently I started up Pi Story. I’ve played a nice count of MMOs, but none have really kept my interest. Most of them hit a level where grinding is insanly not worth it, or just something about it starts to tick me off. The longest game I think was MapleStory, but that was also really on and off after a few monthes. So while I had it on my PC the longest, and most likely clocked the most hours in it, I had an addiction phase (First MMOs do that, you know), followed by a recruitment phase (Gotta have IRL friends too!), and then a “this sucks.” stage. After that every so many monthes I’d wait half an hour for it to patch, go on… find it STILL sucks, and log off. So finally that stupid waste of space is off my PC. I’ve been trying MMOs to see if anything sticks, but nothing but PangYa really seems to…, Pi Story. You begin by picking out how you want you newbie look to be. You wake up in a room with a maid, named Eris. She instructs you about basic movement and tells you to find this guy outside. You go, and then he tells you to meet Harpe. You do so, and end up in the inbetweener of that realm and the normal world. You can talk to Harpe and get some info, but it’s really not all that useful unless you go to the Role Playing part of the game (Which really barely anyone does). She gives you some quests, and you move on into Patheon (I think that’s how its spelt).

After all of that, you’re on your own basically. You end up collecting eggs called “Pi” (Eggs =/= Pie. D<), and do missions/acts/levels with each one. You have to finish one to get the next Pi to go on in what I belive is a story. Your first real mission is a simple one (Not counting the Tutorial Pi), destroy the monsters and the “Orb” boss. It’s pretty simple, however after starting to fight it’s plainly obvious the programmers had no idea about keyboards or something. The controls are wonky and horribly placed. Alt to sit, Ctrl to pick up items, however you use K to attack! What the hell?! So okay, you use both hands to attack and pick up… but then how to do you move? Arrow keys! Oh god, I need a third hand! Seriously people, this keyboard setup is horrendous. You can use the mouse, but it’s too much movement to be going on. The mouse, keyboard, and arrow keys are all use almost simultaneously, so I honestly don’t get how people can play this game with decent skills. Once you get into a rythmn of attacking and moving, it’s fine… but try to pick up your loot? Ooooh nooo, don’t even bother. things that are bothering me. The lack of talking. Okay, so it’s only Open Beta, but still. There’s people. I was looking for Act 2 people and I asked around the area where you get the Pi… nothing. I go into town and ask… nothing. I join other peoples parties and say Hello… they shut up or change the Pi. WHAT THE FUT PEOPLE. I want to enjoy this game, I really do. It’s cute and it has a cool idea and classes. But I honestly can’t if NO ONE WILL TALK TO ME. I’m sorry, this is called an MMO for a reason people, you’re supposed to play with people. Which normally involved TALKING. While I wouldn’t mind if I was playing at, like, midnight or something, I’m not. It’s 7PM EST, which can’t be THAT late across the US and Canada. People are logged in and want to play… but no one actually wants to play with people. They want the enviroment the MMO has, but they don’t want to bother doing what should be going on in a game like this, socializing and making friends.

Next up: LaTale/”LaFail”, once it’s full release is out (Since OB just ended)



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  1. I haven’t played this yet, but I really agree with your last comment.

    I hate it when theres many people around and they’re all too busy to talk to you, makes me feel lost.

    I wish I could find a mmorpg where people actually play the game with each other -_-

    They should make a mmorpg where you absolutly have to team up with people and talk to them to progress and get anywhere.

  2. Howdy to you both, I am Everstarr on the aeriagames forums and [GS]Sonita in game.
    That’s right, I’m part of a volunteer team whos’ job is to assist new users and point them in the right direction.

    I’m sorry for what-ever reason your questions weren’t answered but feel free to check the forums too next time. We even changed the tutorial in order to ease the task of pointing new comers in the right direction so you might want to give it a second look. Worse comes to worse, we’re a team of 10 volunteers and 1 great GM at your sevice.
    There’s normally always atleast one online either in game or in the forums so really, don’t hesitate to message one of us.

    You’ll recognize us in game with the tags [GS] infront of our names.

    Hope we’ll be seeing you in game. ;3

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