Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #47 — Return of the Bath Parody

August 29, 2008 at 5:17 pm | Posted in Nico Nico Douga, Vocaloid | 1 Comment
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Yeah whatever. Been a while since I did this. *shrugs*

【ニコニコ動画】週刊VOCALOIDランキング #47

follow the cut~

  • #28: Dang that’s a nice jump it took.
  • #27: Um…? Miku’s over powered by the backround.
  • #25: MAKE IT STOP. D:
  • #24: Another one Miku’s drowned out…
  • #22: D: Gakupo.
  • #21: MonocroAct still rocking my socks. <3
  • #20: Well, Gakupo sounds nice with Kaito. I’ll say that.
  • #19: Yaaaaay~ Natsuiro*Canvas!
  • #18: Mahou Miku? Decent song.
  • #17: A sorta depressing sounding song..
  • #16: This sounds familiar… But <3s to Meiko x Kaito!
  • #14: This song’s still really interesting.
  • #13: Nooo! Go back uuuup!
  • PickUp: Niiiice!
  • #10: This type of Parody again!?
  • #03: It’s got a simple feel to it. Quite like this one.
  • #02: Ah! Setsuna went UP! This song’s still really awsome.
  • #01: The opening nice… but Gackpo cannot win be over. D<

I barely remember what was in the rankings last week, so this was kinda just blah blah on it all. I’m realizing with the more songs I add to my Vocaloid Playlist… the less I find that are new… and that I like. I used to download, like, EVERY Miku song… now I’m like “eh.” Only really awsome ones catch me. And even those sometimes get ignored after a week. I think this week I’m only getting Houtou ni Daiji nanoha Hitotsudake (The Pick Up)… =___=;; Maybe I’m getting more picky?


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  1. if u like miku i dunno if u have heard or have it already lol but i just found it and got crazy about it and i loved the dance they put into it the name is “Kurutto Mawatte Ikkaiten” it just make me love miku the video they made with 3d figurines it’s just sooo cute

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