Gaming Report — 08.23.08

August 23, 2008 at 10:33 pm | Posted in Console, Games, MMORPGs, PC Games | 1 Comment
Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,’s been a while since I did one of these, so here I go. I guess it’s cause I really haven’t gotten a brand new game recently, I’m just playing either new versions or more stuff has been added to games I already have.

So, I’ll talk about the one that one get me chatting a mile a minute. Recently got Sims 2 Pets expasion pack. It’s nice to have pets (Though I want something more… exotic!), and they’re fun to play with. Too bad I actually can’t control them (And if there’s a hack for it, I won’t do it. It’s one thing to hack for Max Motives and a few minor things, but I don’t need another 2 “sims” to control). I finally finished up my OTHER Lesbian couple in Strangeville’s College, La Fiesta University. They now have two dogs (Hana and Hoshi, Female and Male respectivly), and hopefully I can get some puppies. Oh and they have an adoption under way… though I haven’t had them yet “Joined” (Frick, just called it “Married”! It’s programed to act the same!).

Also, my Sister picked up Sims 2: Castaway for the Wii. Personally, I think Sims games don’t work well with the pointer, it’s better console-style controls. I don’t know if the GC controlers work, but I’ll have to see, I dislike having to point around with my Wiimote for this game, it’s a pain. We made a crew of six people, and after finally finding them all… the game froze and due to frustration didn’t go and find out how much we lost. It’s interesting, but this one actually WILL have an ending, a distinct ending. Them getting off the darned islands. So it does sort of ruin the Sims way of things. But it is nice to see a difinitive storyline written for a game. At least I can really beat a Sims game now. now for the awsome, PangYa! Japan. Now playing that instead of A18 really, since they have so much left out it’s insane. Not even stuff that would harm their money-making either. Season 4 hit Japan just a few days ago, but bugs have been crawling out of the woodwork to get in the way. Lucia’s pretty fun, and since I go for asthetics, I don’t care all too much about stats and will stick with her. While my Erika has better stats, I’d rather be playing Lucia. xP Only one more level up till clothes!

As far as S4 goes, right now it’s working better then before. While I hit a really funky bug where the cup was an Unplayable area (No DUH!), it’s really awsome and I do enjoy Lost Seaway. Though I do wish it had less bugs. I’m glad to be playing PangYa Japan (And now that my parents know, I’m in the clear~)

Oh, and look, Erika now sparkles!


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  1. >_> How did you get into JPN Pangya? :3

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