Mahou Tsukai : Natsu no Sora — Episode 5

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Tags: , , , , , , blame PangYa and College stuff and… and… whatever else I can blame for being late on watching this. I’ve been like “I need to watch this” but then never actually DO.

Anyways, Sora has two assignments in this episode. This a sort-of “Sora messes up” kind of episode. She screws up just a bit, or magic just isn’t enough, and she feels bad about it., Sora goes to her first assignment, which is with an old lady. The old lady wants Sora to restore the item her husband held dear to him as he died in battle. Sora nearly doesn’t restore the ashs, but she gets help from Sei-san and managaes to restore it to the comb the old lady gave her husband before the war. Afterwords Sora feels bad that she almost destroyed the old lady’s precious comb.

The next day in class Gota-kun starts to talk about how they learn magic, and the classmates talk about how they sort of learn it from parents or others who do magic, like a bird learns how to fly from its parents. Gota obviously couldn’t learn from his parents, and at the mention of someone else who uses magic as a way to learn, he thinks of Sora., Sora goes for her second assignment of the episode. Her job is to awaken Mion, the mother of the little boy Shion, so that her son can remember her voice. Sora achieves the goal in awakening Mion, however Mion cannot remember her family. Sora is dissapointed because while she was able to awaken Mion, Mion cannot remember anything of her family. Sei-san tells her that magic isn’t perfect, and it can’t solve everything.

Next Episode: Sora Makes a friend.


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