Mahou Tsukai : Natsu no Sora — Episode 4

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And now back to anime reviews… This peisode was centric around Gota, where we found out a lot about his past. It was very interesting to see what had happened to him. It began with class where the group were talking about what happened with their clients. Gota’s just reading the book on Magic Theory (Since he can’t really cast magic). The class begins, and Gota falls alseep/daydreams…

Gota was well liked by his friends, and had a good life, until his father came home and told his mother that He’s a magic user (And Gota is as well). Gota’s mother dislikes Magic Users, and leaves, even though her husband gave up magic because he couldn’t use it right. Gota wakes up back in class, and we end up moving along to his client. His client is a bit of a pain, and is looking for something. Because Gota can’t exsactly use magic, he has the old lady (I forget her name) do the magic for him. They find what the client wanted, and move along. Then skip to Hiori and Sora hanging out around the place and listening to some music.

The next day it’s class time again, and Sora’s “Rival” talks and asks next time Hiori and Sora go to hang out to call her. After class, Gota has another client, this one a bit nicer. She wants to drink something she remembers to be sweet, kind, and gentle to the taste, but she doesn’t remember what it is. Gota figures out what it is, and has the old lady cast magic for him again. He explains after the woman drinks it that it was mother’s milk. She’s supposed to be going to the hospital to deal with her breast cancer soon, and it was her mother’s milk she remembered. Afterward, Sora is looking at a goldfish that Saori-sand and her daughter caught at a festival and that Saori-san cherishes it.

Next Episode: Sora wants to warm people’s hearts.


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