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Well, since I’m in the game I feel like I’m supposed to reveiw it. xD;; While I started playing last night, someone slap me next time I think about staying up till 1AM. I didn’t remember half of it (At least I didn’t get yelled at). And I really wish I could get some of the offiaical items, but my parents might be all “Why does that girl look like you?” D: Like in that bad ending. LOL.

Oh, and click hur if you want to play, since beneath the cut is the horrible land of spoilers.

Follow the cut for spoilers, a review, and possibly a LOLfest.

So, firstly I covered my route, since it’s probably better I did. Or something. I also needed to be sure if my phone magically turned on that I would not be given a shot from the game from my friend and be spoiled with endings. @____@;; I have only partial regret I told my friends about this. xD So, anyways, first day Chase covers his bases in meeting all of the three main girls. Afterwards, you’re to go to Japan Day. Going alone prompts two places to visit, robots or tea. xD Going to the robot booth joins Chase up with Natsuko, where they hang for the rest of the day. An option lets you derail to Hinano’s path (Going to Kinokuniya), but that’ll be laters. Later on you/Chase have to go to the NYAF (Or not, but that’s another thing). You choose who you want from the main girls from the options. Choosing Natsuko leads you off to Chinatown (Srly, one of the few places me and my family go to NYC for multiple times) to get cosplay supplies. Oh yeah, and NEGI. <3 Natsuko/I have to go home, and you can either carry my stuff home and get torn apart by my mom (LAWLZ <3), or just carry them to the subway. After that, the NYAF comes up, and Natsuko/I is/am cosplaying Hatsune Miku~. <3 Chase/You and Natsuko/I (This is really weird putting the “I” part LOL) go into the Artist’s Alley and Chase/You spots a Pedobear thing. LAWLZ. “I see what you did there” xD Aftwerwards, on the subway ride back, you can either confess and I call you a Pedobear (LOL) as well as you getting Impz ending, or not confess but I do, and we wait a few years. And I would cut my hair that short (3 feet of hair is a pain in the butt)… ‘cept some of my friends would kill me for it. O__o;;

After finishing my path (at like 7AM, which I hit, like, every bad ending xD), I decided to do CJ’s. You met her first in class. Instead of meeting her at Japan day, you ask to go with her since you both have the same assignment. She says sure, and the next day comes. You meet up with her (“Guess who!” Well I dunno, what’s the name on the text box?) and she forces you to eat to Gyoza, proceeding to have some little kids make the whole scene worse… in Japanese. xD After that (And Chase’s obliviousness), you watch stage shows together as well as read a magazine. Following that is the NYAF again. Asking CJ she gives the excuse she can’t go because she has volleyball practice. Offer to help her practice on another day and the plot moves forward. Expect you to play volleyball in a skirt? Of coooourse not. xD She has to pratice spiking the ball, and conks you out. A few more clicks of the mouse later and it’s NYAF time, and you see CJ in her Nanoha cosplay. You go to the Artist’s Alley and look at Doujinshi and stuff. Afterwards you both go to the Rave and end up kissing. After that follows the last option, either don’t confess and regret it for the rest. of. you’re. life… or confess and live happily ever after. =D

After CJ I hit the last girl of the easier cast, Jen. At Japan day, heading to the Tea booth has Jen appear again. You hang for the day, see the concert, and trade cell numbers/emails. After that it’s NYAF options again. Choosing Jen she asks you to help her pick out a Yukata. The two of you head there and it gets rather amusing. xD “Earth to Chase…” She picks a pink yukata with a yellow obi, and the day ends. Afterwards NYAF arrives, and she’s wearing her pink Yukata. After riding the shuttle, Jen trips and you catch her. The day consists of Anime Screening rooms, and watch the Masquarade. She wants to eat, so both of you head out to get food. Next scene is in the subway, where you end up stopping her from getting on to tell her you like her. You call her after a while, and either can not confess and become a NEET (With that RICK ROLL’D song in the backround LOL), or confess and she asks you to meet her in person. She gives you her answer in the form of a kiss, and the good ending~.

After Jen I figured let’s finish this up with Hinano’s path. To get to her, you first have to start Natsuko/My path up until the choice to go to Kinokuniya. Heading there has you meeting Hinano who’s browsing some books looking for something. Either you can ignore her and go on with the rest of the game, or talk to her. She’s looking for something, while the employee at the store decided to not help her for asking in english. You ask the employee, who says SE Shugo Chara 6 isn’t there, and insert Hinano fangirl rage. Following that she give you her blog’s url and such, and you two part. To get her to come with you for NYAF, calling Natsuko/Myself ends up firstly to no answer, though to go get lunch will meet you up with her again. She wants you do come with her to sing some karaoke. She sings for a bit, and then asks if you’re going to NYAF. If you say “I don’t think I’ll go” … NICE BOAT TAIM. LAWLZ. Otherwise, you go with her and man her Artist’s Alley table with her. Also, you have to cosplay with her (Maka and Soul). “And from that moment I knew I’d be ordering myself a wig online…” LOL BUT YOU DIDN’T. xD After that you both go shopping for cosplay materials. Then both of you head off to her place, where she stabs herself multiple times with the sewing needle (D> I hate it when that happens). NYAF time (once agaaain), and she drags you over to her table as not to get lost. You ask to lok through one of her Doujinshi, and it’s a SoulxMaka one. xD A girl comes ot the table and complains an 8$ print is too much and wants a dolfie (WTEFF? Why didn’t the mother slap that child? Sheesh. My mom would. or at least yell at me.), and another girl comes and buys the Soul Eater Doujinshi. Hinano asks if you liked the Doujinshi and you say you liked it and she gives you a free copy. Around 6 Hinano starts packing up, even though she didn’t sell everything. Wanting to cheer her up, you go around the con and get caught by people wanting pictures. Heading back from the con you can help her take stuff upstairs or not. Taking her stuff upstairs she kisses you, and the good ending rolls. A flight to Japan and some barfing later, The two of you are at Comiket.

So, there you have it, RenAi Blogger. It’s finally safe to turn on my phone now, though shockingly no messages have arrived yet. My friend prolly was too preoccupied playing Sims 2. xD Also, after reading other reveiws… .___. yeaaaaaah. Be very glad I have my own PC to browse the internets from, otherwise my mom might really attack some of you. xD;; ( And probably me too… D: )

EDIT: Fixed something in my order. Also, my friend Ash says she wants to kill Chase… so I told her the Nice Boat and Yaoi Paddle deaths. xD Oh yeah and sorry for the rest of you girls in this, “HELLO GIRL WHO IS NOT JAMIE, I HAVE NO INTEREST IN YOU”, she’s not playing any other paths. xP And as for the “Robbing the cradle” line… “XD YES, INDEED SIR. YOU ARE. AND IF I WERE IN THE GAME I’D KEEL YOU.” (Like we need MORE death endings xD). Yeah don’t mess with her. xD She’ll keel joo.



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  4. OMG I LOVE THE SIMS 2 (though i dont love the 10 hours taken just to get a decent game play out of it -_-;)i own all expansion packs minus apartments and i just downloaded the game and im going to try for the yoai padding( XD) and then hinano;s path which looks oddly complicatied XD

  5. “and you can either carry my stuff home and get torn apart by my mom”
    mmm… remind me to never carry stuffs from lolis…

  6. you are my favorite route because it was so hard and most of the twists are yours. oh! the things to do to get a good ending.

  7. You know, it’d be incredibly amusing to recrate RenAi Blogger within Sims 2…

  8. @Issa-sa: Oh noes, idea is spawniiiiing~ I might actually go do that. xD;

  9. so they were real lol I loved ur path unfortunately I finish being a pedophile lol U were the cutter of all lol i did some review and would love if u check it out and leave a comment of all the things u liked and dislike of the review hehe bye

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