WVR #43 — キラッ☆ falls…

July 29, 2008 at 9:48 am | Posted in Nico Nico Douga, Vocaloid | 1 Comment
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AAAAAAH. Gackpoid image… D:

【ニコニコ動画】週刊VOCALOIDランキング #43

Moving along…

  •  #29: Miku KIRA!
  • #27: Kaito x Meiko redo of a song Rin and Miku did. One of my friends though the picture was Yaoi at first. xDDDD;;;
  • #23: Moar ACT.02 Rin/Len. Len still sounds smooth, but less so then in other songs (Plus he’s still super quiet. Weird.)
  • #22: SAIHATE AGAIN. <3
  • #20: Super cute Miku song. <3
  • #16: LOLWUT? LEON? KIRA?! *dies*
  • #15: Yay~ livetune! <3
  • #14: Meiko KIRA! falls from glory.
  • Pick Up: Um… I don’t get it. >___< Decent song, weird video…
  • #09: Kaito KIRA! Different one then last week. xP (Last week’s was more “KaiKO”, though, right?)
  • #07: Beautiful Rin and Miku song~ <3 This is Rin ACT.01, by the way. xP
  • #03: A new Miku song. Very pretty~ <3
  • #02: Another new Miku song. Really cool song! Unfortunatly, the Rankings choose the wrong part of the video to show. xP There’s no vocals for most of it.
  • #01: Electric Angel remix by the one who brought us StargazeR. =3 Nice guitar. <3

With most of the Kira falling off the list, more songs come into the group. ryo’s peices are still hanging on though. I doubt they’ll every fall off the list, just like MMnS, haven’t seen them actually fall off the list yet. xP I had a tough time loading this week’s rankings, hopefully next week’ll be better. xP


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