Super Amazing Shugo Chara! Catchup~ Episodes 26-37!

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@__@;;; I’m that far behind. Finally decided to listen to what my iPod was saying by playing SC music all the time. Anyways, so this is going to be a super condensed post on the episodes because I need to catch up.

Episode 26. Graduation episode for Kukai. Also included the Carnival thing with Ikuto and Amu. Yaya throws hissy fits because Kukai’s leaving, though I can understand, and Amu gains an important life lesson. Everything can be a new begining… or something like that. That’s about it.

Episode 27. The fourth Shugo Chara Egg appears. Amu decides to keep it a secret. New School year and Amu and Tadase are in the same class. New transfer student Rima joins the cast. While looking and sounding cute, she prefers servants to friends (LAWLZ), and won’t smile unless something’s funny. Later on Amu hears the boys voting on the Cutest Girl, and Rima wins with Amu being “Cooler when she was a lone wolf.” Amu ends up not going to find out who the new members are, and also gets her Diamond egg turned into an X-Egg. Oh yeah and, this face. I might send this to my phone to replace the Manga Version I use for people without Photo ID. xD;;;

Episode 28. The New Guardians are added to the crew. Kairi’s voice does not sound remotly like a 4th grader, but whatever… xP Anyways, Rima and Amu join up to find X Eggs. Amu keeps an eye out for her Dia Egg. They find an X Egg, Rima smashes it (WTEFF. Brain dead girl! D< ) and tells Amu she should quit being the joker. WTEFF GIRL. D< *slaps Rima* Hearing the voice along with the line made it SO much more annoying. (Which means Good VA work! xDDD;; )

Episode 29. Kukai visits the Guardians. He takes Amu out to look for eggs (And RUN DAAAAASH!), and Amu talks to him about what’s wrong and such. Utau interupts this (Spilling their ice cream! Ho noes! Man down! Man Down!), and fights Amu. Amu Kyara-Nari’s with Eru, Causing Kukai to Kyara-Nari with Daichi, as well as Utau to Kyara-Nari with Dia. Eru doesn’t want to fight Utau and uses her move… WHITE FLAG! LOL. Quickly following that, Kyara-Nari dies out and Ikuto comes in to give Amu and Kukai some more ice cream. Utau goes Multiple Personality Disorder and asks why Ikuto prefers Amu, even though she loves him. And then… LOL INCEST. =D Something inside me says I want Tadamu just for the Incest love of Utau and Ikuto. xD *shot*

Episode 30. It’s the school Atheletic Tourney thing. Amu gets Rima to play and stuff. Amu also catches an X-Egg while half the class is possibly looking up her skirt. xD She purifies the egg while everyone’s thinking that she’s just cheering. xD Such silly classmates. Afterwards, it turns out Star Class wins and blah blah blah.

Episode 31. The Gaurdians go to Yaya’s house to do stuff. Yaya has them help her take care of Tsubasa her baby brother. Tsubasa towards the end seems to be running a Fever, and cue Yaya to SAVE THE DAY! They rush off to the hospital to find out it was just a cold. Oh well. Yaya’s parents arrive and stuff. Yaya realizes she kinda has to be an older sister sometimes.

Episode 32. BARAA BARAAANSU! Rima’s Chara Change. Sheeeaaah. Everyone thinks all “WTEFF” and stuff. And Rima’s all emabarassed, and thinks that Gags and laughter just leaves you feeling worse in the end. That whole Cute Girl ranking shiz again, and Amu gives them the, like, DEATH GLAAAARE. And then smiles LOL. Her and Rima are friends. =D

Episode 33. Amu goes on a “date” with Tadase… Sort of. They go shopping and stuff, and Tadase gets her a hairclip. Kairi’s spying on them (Without his glasses. Srly Kairi, wteff. Don’t. Bad idea. I know. Being cool is no reason to go blind.) and decides to get Amu the wristband that she wanted from the shop. He follows her, Eru gets lost and stuff and meets up with Kairi. She SMELLS LOVE IN THE AAAAAIIIR, and MUST find Amu so that they can Kyara-Nari and find the love or something like that. Silly Eru. Eru meets back up with Amu, who’s stuck between Ikuto and Tadase, so Eru “Amu-chan no kokoro, UNLOCK” and LOL WHAT A FACE. <3 “Angel Wink!” and wteff aside, Tadase and Ikuto run off again, and the Kyara-Nari undoes itself. Kairi gives the wristband to Amu.

Episode 34. The Guardians investigate a “Haunted House”. Turns out the ghost was juts a Shugo Chara about to fade away because the kid didn’t realize his dream. Well, sort of just a shugo chara. xD The Shugo Chara turns into an X-Chara and Amu and Rima Kyara-Nari to fight it. They purify the egg, And Amu and Suu fix the ripped drawing.

Episode 35. Amu’s cousin, Shuuji is getting married and the family goes to the ceremony. Shuuji’s engaged to a super-rich woman named Eriko, who some people think he’s not worth her time and such. Pfft. They get into a fight, and Amu overhears Eriko talking about things. Eru decides she’s going to fix this by being the Angel of Love (AKA, Kyara-Nari with Amu) and in the end Amu runs out of power and un-transforms. She talks to Eriko about things and turns out, Eriko didn’t want to break up with Shuuji. Amu goes to talk to Shuuji, however finds him passed out and his Shugo Chara now an X-Egg because he was worried that Eriko was going to break up with him. Kyara-Nari with Suu, and X-egg’s gone. Eriko comes rushing in and talks to Shuuji, telling him she doesn’t want to break up, but she wants to learn to make cakes and open a bakery with him. Then the three of them (Amu, Eriko, and Shuuji) help make the wedding cake. Oh yeah, and Amu catches the bouquet. xD

Episode 36 & 37. Since these two are a continuation of each other. A prince from another country comes to Seiyo “Looking for a Bride” (not really). He has a Shugo Chara, and is actually looking for the Embryo because he wants to do what his father failed at. We meet Pearl (Wteff subbers, just write it as “Pearl”! Not “Paaru”!) who watches over Shuraiya (The prince). The kids go to gym class, and while everyone rests, he gets tended to by Sayaa and her servants and stuff. Amu lectures him and he’s all “How dare you! I’m am a prince!” =_____=;;; Inturupted by an X-egg, Amu rushes off, Shuraiya follows her and watches her purify the egg. He vows she will become his bride. (Moar wteff) Stuff happens, Shuraiya gets the Shugo Charas to help him gather info on the Embryo (Mostly cause of Kiseki xD), blah blah blah. They ask why he wants the embryo, he gives a crazy story about dragons and stuff (LOL), but Amu points out it’s really because he wants to surpass his father. Utau is told to give him a fake embryo. Shuraiya uses it (lol idiot), and makes all of Sayaa and her minion’s Heart’s Eggs become X-Eggs. He also uses those to capture the Guardians X-Eggs. His egg (Ramira) becomes an X-egg. The crew comes in, they can’t Chara-Anything, so Pearl gets her Shugo Chara wanting to save Ramira. Her Shugo Chara conducts the X-Charas in singing, opens up the Genie bottle the other Shugo Charas are in, and sets them free. Kyara-Nari, Purify all six or so eggs, and end battle. Shuraiya goes back to his country to become king and stuff.

Next Episode: The Key, Lock, Him and I. Amuto stuff. xP

I’m still far behind, but I got a lot down! Hopefully I can catch up and not get so far behind again. This was really daunting.



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