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HUZZAH. I have now whooped the butts of many dudes. >D

Well, let’s see. Firstly, you “unlock” characters by Buying them. LOL. I bought Talim super quick. And unfortunatly her 2nd Outfit is PHAIL and I’d rather her Eternal Panty Shot version (The 1st outfit, pictured left). Also, Story mode. WOW. <3 Though speed it up please? That scroll of text is sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *breaths* ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Very very slow. So I skip it LOL. Tira. Wowzers. Nice upgrade on the outfit. <3 Though I like her 2nd outfit more.

Also, you’ll find me online WITH mic added on, so TALK TO ME DAMNIT. D< I like to play “Jamie”, my Talim-Based OC (AKA myself LOL). I also have “Meower”, who’s based off Tira. I still have a ways to go, and my rank onling is L5 still. Hopefully I’ll level soon, I just have to win one more time. xP

So, for now, Thumbs up! Though I’d love to see who’s leading the rooms I’m entering (If I’m looking for a friend) as well as if they have a mic plugged in (So maybe I can chat xP ). Speaking of chatting, I’ve had some great experiences cause I’m a PWNsome girl on SC4. Right before we started battling I was talking and was like “Uck, Maxi, I don’t like him. I can’t play him well” (The other dude was playin’ Maxi), and he was like “You don’t like Maxi?” And so I said “Nope.” xP After that he friended me LOL. <3 Also before I started another game I was like “Be prepared to loose to a girl!” And the dude was like “You’re a girl?!” LOL. <333 I love battlin’ dudes who know the majority of the game is guy players.

Oh yeah. this game. Panty shots galor. Somes girls have eternal panty shots. Some girls breath and their boobs and panties show. Ivy has butt-boobs (Thus, she is dubbed “Boobs”), and Taki was balloon boobs (Thus she is dubbed “Boobs 2”). My OCs, since they both right now have the same skirt, like, kick and PANTIES. Slice, PANTIES. Hack, PANTIES. Fall over, PANTIES. Breath, PAAAANTIIIES. Though I think some guys aim for my bottom so they can knock off that armour part to see my panties constantly. One Kilik killed my skirt, killed me, then started to rape me with his staff LOL. Gotta love these morons.

And that’s it. Play me~ <3 I’m meower on the PSN, so friend me and see if we can play. =D If you want to, set up a time or something. <3 Off to Pangya I go.

EDIT: I now have a Miku Custom Character, Talim-Based. xD Could use longer twintails, but she looks like Miku… ’till you break her armor. D<


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