Stop whining Nintendo fanboys.

July 24, 2008 at 5:53 pm | Posted in Console, Games, Rants | 1 Comment
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Ugh, I’m so sick of this now. I’m sick of hearing how Nintendo’s screwing over the old fans. You know what Nintendo Fanboys, Shut. Up. Just because they’re not focused entirely on your group doesn’t mean that Nintendo isn’t trying.

With the announcements at E3 of WiiMusic and Animal Crossing, all them Nintendo Fanboys are all “OMG WE’RE BEING NEGLECTED.” =_____= You know what? If you’re being so negleted, go sell your Wii. I’m sure there are people who would love to have it. While Nintendo has said that they aren’t just focused on the main gamer crew that follows them blindly, it still doesn’t mean they’re not trying to appeal that group too. Nintendo wants to expand the market, they want money damnit. The more people buying Wiis and the games, the more money Nintendo will get. That’s why they have a company, to make money. Not always is it purely for the fans.

Also, the Wii is named that for a reason. We. It’s not just for You or Me, it’s for siblings, cousins, parents, teachers, teenagers, adults, grandparents, kids and Families. It’s a party system. The majority of the games are for MANY people to play. That’s why it’s called the Wii. So everyone can play. Even your todler cousin who just swings the remotes around, or your friend who doesn’t like games all that much. It’s a system for everyone. One-player games are NOT their focus. Nintendo wants to bring everyone together to play a game and not have to stress over “OH FRICK I DIED.” They want people to enjoy gaming. I thought that was the reason we HAD games, or did that reason dissapear?

Let’s say you have a party going on and they want to play a game. Let’s say this is after WiiMusic comes out. So, you have WiiMusic, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero to play. Guitar Hero is only two players and you might not nessecarily have two remotes. Rock Band requires cordinations for Guitar and Bass, Rythmn for Drums, and you should be able to sing for Vocals. And on top of that if you die three times there’s the chance people will get angry at the person who screwed up and died and thus ruining the fun you SHOULD be having. I have had friends over and played Rock Band. Only certain friends will play because they’re confident enough to either make a fool of themselves or have the talent already from playing it or GH before. That’s NOT how it should be. If you have friends over, you should all be able to play and all rotate who’s in the game at the time. Not just certain people playing almost every round. And you shouldn’t have to presuade your friends every round for someone new to rotate in because “Oh no, you’re doing good without me.”

So stop whining about Nintendo not focusing on One-Player games and on the Older fans. They want you to get together and play with your friends who maybe can’t play very well. So get over it or sell your Wii.


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  1. Would have to agree while being a part of the “Core” gamer market, no idea while they call it that anymore its become more of the niche market. But on to the point more people like games and play games I wouldn’t say it causes the ones we are used to from getting made the market has just been filled with many more options and variations. I myself kinda drifted from Nintendo and switched over to the Sony side midway the Gamecube cycle. My sister the less avid gamer on the other hands loves her Wii, I can see its pros for multiplayer gaming even thought I don’t really enjoy many of the party games they have released lately. Can’t blame people for wanting money just a natural part of the business I believe my portion of the market hasn’t shrunk or changed its just that the “casual” gamer market has exploded so I believe we are getting the same amount of games as before their are just alot more now not aimed at us. Also don’t give away your Wii at the very least its still good for playing Fire Emblem on! P.S. Just spent more money then I am proud of on a Disgaea 3 preorder.

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