Gaming Report — 7.24.08

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There’s a few things I want to talk about, but first… The feature for this week’s Playstation Underground Newsletter is…


I finally get used to hearing “Soul Calibur… Three!” and in less then a week I’ll be getting confused again. xD Though the reason for T slightly scare me… Then again, the Female character’s outfit have see-through fabric for part of their clothing… =__=;;; Then again, I still know this is more for guys and such. Oh well. Hopefully the girl’s second outfits will be less revealing. Not betting on much less revealing though.

In other Gaming, I’ve been addicted to Sims 2. My sister just got Open For Buisness and now I’m working a pair of girls through College so they’ll have skeelz to own at the buisness. Should start earning them Talent Badges soon. The two are in Strangetown with the La Fiesta Tech or whatever college. And it’s Alien x Human! xD

Oh and I’ve downloaded a buttload of Hairs. xD;; Both their hairstyles are downloads. x3 And the Human Girl’s eyes are a custom made by me. =D (Eyes are easy LOL)

Back to Console Gaming, I’ve finished off the boss of West/North (Or “White”, according to the game) Wiz, Kooh. Promptly dressed her up in better clothing then her defualts since I had tons of Pangs left hanging around since Hana hasn’t gotten anything new recently. I love her outfit now. x3 It’s all BLUUUE. <3 Her stats are for the most part above Hana’s (Who before had the best by one point in Control), though her spin is suffering. I’ll have to grab items that boost that, since her Power and Control own.

Also, I battled my dad in a game (While I still had Hana). We played on Pink Winds, Hana VS Max. My dad commented on two things, “Why isn’t she wearing any clothes?!” (She’s wearing a Bikini LOL) and “Why are you golfing… with umbrellas?” xDDD;;; After that I explained that clothings, clubs, and the caddie amount to so much stat boosts and stuff, which is why I can shoot farther and spin and curve more. xP I lost misserably though, +6 – 0. *dies*

Next up is Ice Spa/Cannon. Well, at least I know most of those holes due to the online game. xD

And hopping over to the online version, I hit a few eagles recently! Huzzah~! Never thought I’d actually make one, I suck so bad at this half the time. xP

And I finally hit Beginner. @___@;; It felt like it took forever, especially towards the end when I’d get, like, 2 exp. =____=;;;



Anyways, off I go to play Wii-Alba as well as some more Sims impatiently waiting for Soul Calibur 4~! <3


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