Mahou Tsukai : Natsu no Sora — Episode 03

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Here we go, another Anime episode.

Well, we begin with Midorikawa-kun riding the train with some kids talking about some card game or something before the Opening. And then we see that clip in the OP. LOL.

I’m probably a bit late or something, since I don’t check for subs on a regular basis. I really should though.

So, after the OP, Sora is brushing her teeth and such, and Midorikawa-kun starts up a scene. He’s leaving to go surf a bit, but his teacher is all “HOW BOUT NOT” and stuff, saying not to do thing without permission. LOL.

After he returns the four have a meal and head off to be given their assignments. Sora receives one from a woman who wants the same thing done everytime, Open this safe for her since she lost the key. Midorikawa-kun ends up receiving an assignment to alter memories or something of the sort, which discourages him since he can’t really use magic all that well.

The students arrive at class and start to talk about their assignments. They teacher shouts at them to not talk about their clients. Afterwards she asks the class who has used magic befor begining their training. Most of the students raise their hands, including Sora. The teacher asks Sora why she used magic, to which Sora recaps the incident in the last episode. The teacher gives Sora crap about how she shouldn’t have used magic, despite the fact Sora saved LIVES. Ugh. *slaps the teacher* She also states that they will not be penalized for using magic before training begun because their parents were responsable for their magic use.

After the class, Sora heads off to her client. She is lead to the lady by the lady’s servant. They head into the vault to unlock the safe. Sora opens it and takes the Photo Albums from inside and runs off, forcing teh old lady to come outside. The Old lady puts the albums away and shuts the lock. Sora takes the lady’s hand and pulls the door open. Sora had actually destroyed the lock. She tells the old lady not to lock her life behind that safe and to live on despite the fact her husband is now no longer alive. Sora and the Old Lady look at the albums and talk for a bit. A really sweet thing to do, though it was a bit ambitious for her first assignment.

Next Episode: Sora goes on a “date”


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