Super Swing Golf Season 2 [Wii]

July 17, 2008 at 6:50 pm | Posted in Games, MMORPGs | 2 Comments
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Well, I had to go to the mall anyways and get my perscription for my contacts, and we had time to spare so my mom gave me and my sister some cash and we bought some games. My sister picked up Sims 2 — Kitchen and Bath Stuff, while I got Super Swing Golf : Season 2.

Simply put, I got Albatross18… console style.

Since I prefer to not be harrassed and hit on by Brazillian and South American morons who think they’re the best thing since sliced bread, this is a nice substitute. While I will still play Alba, I’ll also be working on this. My sister wants Kooh after all. xD; This is also partially to tide my Console-Gaming over until Soul Calibur IV comes out towards the end of the month. Plus, sometimes I do like no violence. I don’t need to just beat the crud out of people. Too bad this isn’t Online Compadable. Well, at least my sister will play from time to time.

Anyways, There’s two modes of play, Multiplayer and Single Player, just like any other party-type game. Multiplayer has some mini games as well as pure stroke/match play. Until you load up other characters from your Single Player game, you have Hana, Scout, Cecilia, and Uncle Bob as character choices in Multiplayer only.

Going over to Single Player mode weilds a storyline where your goal (According to Brie) is to conquer areas (Each Course) to save PangYa land! *laughs* Somewhat silly, but anyways. You choose either Scout or Hana as your character, and also mark if you’re a lefty or righty. You go through a game against yourself (Just dressed differently) after Brie explains to you and the other starter character (Scout in my case). It’s a pretty easy game, I think at some point the computer let me win. xD Afterwards you move around on a Board with little circles. Blue for a game, Green for a Minigame, and Red for a “hint”. Also, there’s one in this area (Blue Lagoon) that has a sign on top of it which you need Coins to open up the Match you can play.

You go through all the areas to move forwards. You earn just enough coins to destroy the sign in the lower right, and open up a Match against Max. I still haven’t beaten it, so I don’t know what happens or what you get. Turns out, you get a hairstyle for Scout, which sort of resembles Kingdom Hearts‘ Sora’s hair. Also, the boss sitting at the end of the area is Uncle Bob, whom I also haven’t beaten. After you beat him, he joins your team. Which leads me to belive you battle each playble character as a boss and unlock them.

Anyways, You buy stuff with Pang earned in games. You also get 3,000 Pang to start off. I’ve already dressed my Hana similar to my Albatross18 Hana as you can see to the left. Though I got Pipin instead of Papel since I could buy Pipin. As a note, there is no level limiting in this game as far as I know. However, as you go on, you unlock items. Which, I suppose, is similar to level limiting, but not exsactly.

As for how the game plays, I like it. While the swinging is a bit difficult, it’s a nice addition to the game. Though I would have liked to be able to set my Wiimote sesitivity, since I’m twisting my body alot to get it up to full distance and a stronger sensitivity would solve that. Also, PangYa!-ing is a bit harder since it’s all on your swinging forward motion and you don’t see it move so much (And if you do, I can’t see it while I swing). Oh and I like the RAINBOW PangYa! better then the blue one in the MMO. xD;;

And as a side note, my dad made fun of me for buying a golf game. LOL. Well maybe now he can play Golf with me on the Wii. At least Uncle Bob’s already unlocked in Multiplayer mode. *laughs*

I have a3 videos for you all, but it’s taking forever to upload. I’ll edit laters I guess

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

It’s me, getting my arse kicked by my dad, er I mean, Uncle Bob. xD Not like that would have been if my dad was actually playing ANYWAYS. xDDD;;



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  1. Turns out, you get a hairstyle for Scout, which sort of resembles Kingdom Hearts‘ Sora’s hair.

    LOL well actually that hair was in the papel lottery ilke early last year (around when I started to play). I wanna get Arin’s 2nd hair but we haven’t gotten it in the shop yet

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