Playstation3 Anime Downloads

July 16, 2008 at 9:27 am | Posted in Anime, Games | Leave a comment
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So, according to ANN, the Playstation Network is now putting up Anime Episode downloads for 2$. Firstly, their list is seems to have an abundance of guns. Though I do know the majority of PS3 buyers are Guys, so whatever. I have yet to receive an e-mail stating the new content, but I think that’s once every so many weeks, and I don’t normally read them. xD;

If my dad can spare 2$ for an episode, I’ll see what comes out of this. I don’t know if it’s dub or sub, though I’d put my money on the dub. And while I would much more enjoy to have the DVDs and not limit myself to one TV to watch it on (Most specifically, the ONLY non-HD TV in the house. =___=;; ), but it could be a way to see if I like a series. Thumbs up Funimation, I hope this works out well.

Update: Took a peek at the store. Though I can’t buy anything, here’s what the Anime portion looks like at the moment.

Click for bigger image.

Since they have a whole section devoted to Anime, I would expect more titles soon. I also wouldn’t doubt them trying to get other companies in on the deal. Like I said, Thumbs up.


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