Mahou Tsukai : Natsu no Sora — Episode 2

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There, a shorter title. xD;

Anyways, the Photo-Backrounds still bug me a bit, though some look better then others. Sometimes the characters look well done on the photos, while other times they stick out like a sore thumb. =___=;; Maybe by the end of the series they’ll get it right.

So, to begin, Sora is riding the bus and falls asleep. Flashback to the last episode, just slap on the sepia. As she wakes up, someone else on the bus is pointing out the Tokyo Tower, which we get to see a nice photo of.

Sora gets off the bus, and promtply gets lost and confused, however she ends up in the middle of the scene of an accident. This mysterious boy protects the granmother in the street about to be crushed by the truck, while Sora stops the turks midair and lowers it slowly to the ground. She starts to talk to this boy and says she’s going to study magic, though he replies “If you can use it to that extent, there’s no need to study.” Ugh. =___=;;

Next, as Sora heads to the Magic Buereu (Oh god, I hope that’s spelt right), we get a nice explination of how Mages are born as well as some very pretty photographs. She finally arrives at the building, late of course. She tries to sneak into the room, and fails misserable as she shoots her rolling suitcase across the room towards a girl. She then introduces herself to the class, and scoots over to the seat next to the girl she set her suitcase flying to. They take a test and are given a break. Sora and the girl talk, and we find out the girl’s name is Yamabuki Hiori. Now is it just me, or does she look a bit like Michiru? After a while, the rest of the class returns to the class room and it’s time for the next part of the lesson.

The teacher, Kawada-Sensei, tells them they have to turn water into ice. The mysterious boy (Whose last name is Midorikawa) from before turns out to be Sora’s partner for this, and he wants to change partners. She gets annoyed at him and turns the water into a huge icicle masterpeice. Kawada-sensei’s assisitant, Morishita is amazed and wants to take pictures. Also, turns out Sora’s now got a rival. After the class leaves, we see Midorikawa-kun staring off into space sort of, depressed because he couldn’t turn the water into ice.

Afterwards, Sora heads over to where she’s staying. She looses track of time looking at the stores, and ends up being rather late. Hara-sensei tells her where her room is and Sora heads up to see the room. She looks around and out the window. As she looks out the window, she spots the other student staying there, Midorikawa-Kun. Totally obvious.

Next Time: “Sora”, and the first true class.


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