Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto : Natsu no Sora — Episode 01

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I need a shorter title for this.

Anyways, I finally sat down and watched something. I’m so far behind Shugo Chara! I’m doubting if I’ll go back to watch it. =___=;; I’m way to lazy. Hopefully I won’t skip out on this too much, I’d hate to get too many episodes behind on a series again.

Anyways, the Opening’s pretty good, I’ll probably try to find an MP3 of it at some point. As for thw show, I’m pleased. I enjoyed Someday’s Dreamers manga, and while this is a spin-off of sorts, I like it so far. The backgrounds look a bit weird with the characters on top at points, but I tend to ignore it anyways. xP

So, the episode begins with Sora eating a tomato (Yum~), and then heading off. We see A LOT of shots with her riding her bike, though that should be over with next episode anyways. Doubt she’s bringing her bike with her to Tokyo.

Here’s a bike…

There’s a bike.

So, this episode set up the story for the most part. Sora’s mother recieves a phone call saying where Sora will be studing magic. Afterwards, Sora ends up where her mom is, and is told were she’ll be studing (Though it isn’t said xD). She heads off on her bike, again, and Michuru had given her a text/mail that Sora just noticed she had. She calls Michiru, and tells her the good news and also plans a meeting for them.

They meet in the “usual spot”, and talk a bit about things. Michiru says she feels heart broken because Toyama-Kun’s moving and she hasn’t told him she loves him. Her and Sora form a plan to help Michuru confess to him and plan for late at night.

The plan goes through flawlessly, which helps Michiru feel better even though he’s moving. She texts Sora saying that her and Tomoya are going to keep in touch and such, as well as wishing her luck in Tokyo.

The next morning Sora’s off to the airport for her flight to Tokyo. Nothing too exciting.

She looks out the window to see the sky, and we’re cut for the end of the episode.

As for the ending, I’m not all that fond of it, the OPs a bit better. Both are pretty songs though.

Next up, Sora gets to Tokyo.


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