Ayres, Unfortunatly for you, No one gives a damn.

July 3, 2008 at 8:46 pm | Posted in Anime, Rants | 5 Comments
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Let’s add my torch to the fire, since I had enough of a wall of text over on Hinano‘s rant. So to set the scene, basically we got another case of FanSub VS. Dub sort of thing goin’ on. Well… sort of. More like “Illegal” VS. Company. Er… whatever. Basically, A rant about Greg Ayres’ Panel at AnimeNext08 and how much of a god he THINKS he is, and how much he’s REALLY NOT. Honestly, if some how, some way My dad ever works with him and I somehow meet him, I will tell his face off. And I will love every damned minute of it.

Moving on, I have watched Fansub. Go ahead and sue me or send me to the cops. Have fun explaining reason. I don’t think they’d also care all too much if I say I’ve downloaded more then my fair share of music, so don’t even go there. But the fact I’ve also gone out and bought series I loved as DVDs, despite the jacked up price, will have no impact on your decision on how I’m some messed up Anime Blogger who decides you’re a moron and your company should rot and die.

Guess what, Anti-Fansubbers? I’M NOT AGAINST THE COMPANIES. Wanna know why? My dad DOES anime work. So, I do want him to get paid and make it in the Anime Buisness. That would make me really happy. Well… until I meet some company moron who tells me I should be sent to jail for watching “Illegal” fansubs, but whatever. I can tell him off, no matter what crap I get later on. I will fight the battle, even if it means getting grounded for the rest of my natural life. I know the companies want money. I’d fully understand if every Anime VAist came out and said “You should buy the DVDs.” Because their real goal is to earn money, which in turn will bring more series over to the US. Le gasp, I know. More then Naruto and Bleach and Death Note. The world does NOT end there, as a note. I don’t mind if someone says “You should buy the DVDs”, I really don’t. If I enjoy a series I will normally buy it. I know my funds are low, being a non-working teen (At the moment), but I do want to support companies that bring something to the US coast and make sure they don’t die out.

Please stop treating anime like it’s some special medium. If we all lived in Japan, we’d be watching this on TV like we watch TV in the US. And what about dubs? Dubs cost MORE MONEY to produce in the US, so why is it ok to watch Death Note on Cartoon Network but not ok to watch a streaming raw on Nico or Veoh?

Quoted for truth. Hinano’s right on that. It’s not some super special medium. Yeah, I know some treat it that way, and it is different from what’s in US, but it’s not that special. And it’s sad that people don’t care that you watch some craptastic show on CN dubbed basically for free, but we can’t watch raws or subs online without it being “ILLEGAAAAAAAL”.

And guess what else, morons of the Anti-Fansubbing League? None of the people who went to his damned panel CARE. If they’re the anime fans I know, they don’t give a flying frick what he says to them about this topic. We’re talking about the age group that steals “just ’cause”, the age group that steals money from their own parents to get virtual money and items. Yeah. Think about it. So, they have no money to buy Anime DVDs. They have no will to change. They don’t care what this dude says or thinks, and they won’t buy DVD’s just cause he said to. Hello, One of that age group here. Message from the other morons, they don’t care. Even if you poop magical Vampires that sparkle and Man Sex, they won’t care. They want their anime NOW, and if they don’t get it NOW they’re going to have some heart attack or whatever and die right on the spot. They don’t care if they’re killing anime. They really don’t.

Also, let’s get to what he’s saying, more then saying that his audience doesn’t care. Since we’re not supposed to watch Anime online, how are we to know if we like it? And then, how are we to know if we should buy it? I know when I buy a new Manga series, I normally skim the first few pages to see “Is this worth my money?” So long as I’m not streched thin between series at the moment, I normally say “Yeah, it’s worth it”, unless it’s a pile of crap that I don’t think I could enjoy even if it was the only series in english. I used to watch those silly little DVDs that came with NewType, which due to the companies stupidity has been dropped for some retarded “PiQ” or some crap. Whatever. The DVD gave me a look at what was coming up in the States, and the pages of the Mag also showed series showing in Japan that I would look into watching online to see if I liked it. Some of them, I do realize, have a slim chace to being licensed, but through magazines and the internet, I saw what I wanted to see and enjoyed what I saw. I know I will be finishing buying the Lucky*Star DVDs, and not only the DVDs, the LE DVDs. As well as the CLANNAD series if/when it gets licensed.

So do you see? Fan Subbing is HELPING you, well, at least helping those who have money. You can’t get water from a rock, and you can’t get money from the non-working (For the most part), so preaching is not going to help. Telling them not to download illegally is not going to help if they can’t afford the DVDs… And also due to the fact any series takes too long to get over here. If it didn’t take years for the companies to license something, we might remember it better and buy more. But hey, that’s just the words from a teen who’s a criminal/pirate.



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  1. I have to agree with what you say, Nyachan.

    Though…to that other person’s quote, the difference between watching the free, crappy dub of DN on CN or watching the subbed version on a streaming site is that they get money for it being on TV.

    =\ Really, it is unforuante that our age group are full of those kinds of idiots. >_<

    =D At least we try and support the industry~!

  2. Oh, I can assure you, the people there DEFINITELY cared. Only the True Believers were there.

  3. Also, this layout is sooooooooooo much better than the old one.

  4. “Oh, I can assure you, the people there DEFINITELY cared. Only the True Believers were there.”

    Then he failed misirably anyways, since those people probably already agreed with him. If you’re not talking to who needs to make a change, they won’t hear it. If they weren’t there, then he’s barking up the wrong tree. =___=;; Not that telling the people who download anime directly would DO anything.

  5. …exactly.

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