Company Morons — The Strike’s Second Coming

July 2, 2008 at 5:44 pm | Posted in Heroes, Life, Rants | 2 Comments
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OMG, not an animoo-related post.

Anyways, those in the States will remember a lovely couple of monthes when TV was a a standstill. Why, yes, the Writers Strike. It put many shows on indefinate hold, and some might have been killed due to it.

Well, it’s coming back. This time with the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG).

Let’s firstly explain that the reason behind the Writer’s strike can simply be explained as the Company Reps being asshats and not wanting to  do what they SHOULD be doin’, changing the contract to help its members, since they should be getting money that they weren’t.

Unfortunatly, SAG’s contract (Which had the same issues as the Writer’s and Director’s contracts), just ended this past Monday. And guess what? The LA head group decided “We don’t like what those other groups choose, So phooey on you all, HARHAR. We gots power!”, and thus a strike is possible. There’s supposedly going to be a vote to go on strike or if they like what LA’s doing (If it’s a No LA head gets sucked of power and voted on a new head. If yes, strike), and whatever.

Unfortunatly, it might pull some TV shows premire nights back a few days. Since if there’s no actors, there’s no one to be filmed and such. Which sucks for me, since I want my Heroes back.

Yeah, The S2.5 got canceled, and the Intros for new Chars was the first vitctim to the Writer’s Strike. While I do support the Actors (Including my dad, since he’s now a Member of SAG) in the journey for a good contract, I do still wish it won’t cause the same havoc as the last one did. Well, we’ll just wait and see. I’m sure to hear before most if a strike happens.



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  1. x_x Ugh, are you kidding me? ANOTHER strike related to TV?! D=

    That sucks. That really does suck.

    I swear the Writer’s Strike was what got one of my favourite TV shows off TV…=\

    …or maybe it was because the ratings were extremely low because you had to think and try putting the pieces you had together…XP I dunno.

  2. I lost The 4400 after the Writer’s Strike, as well at the Heroes: Origins and Heroes Season 2.5 (The second half of the season. I think that’s being made into what’s coming in Sept). Though I’m not sure on The 4400, might’ve been it’s fans were dwindling. D> Kinda sucks.

    And the strike is only POSSIBLE. I’ll probably hear if a vote of some sort goes out, since my dad would have to vote being that he’s a member. If they vote for if they think the LA branch is right (Well, I’m sure they’ll use more intelligent terms), and if the majority votes “No”, then there WON’T be a strike. They just need to elect new officials and whatever. If somehow the majority ends up being “Yes”, then there will be a vote going out to say if there’s going to be a strike.

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