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Well, after I read Hinano‘s comment on my Game Post a while back, I decided to try out Albatross18. I looked around the guide and info pages, since I wanted to see what kind of game it was and such, and was pleased with it. While I’m not much of a Golf-Gamer or whatever, the characters are cute and it’s a casual game. While, yeah, I’m kind of looking for an RPG game now, I don’t think I’ll find one anytime soon that I might stick with. Nexon’s dissapointing me massively now (Even though they finally sent me an e-mail asking for my adress to send my prize from a contest two monthes ago), and I’m looking into other companies that might do better. Looking at OGPlanet’s other games, the one coming soon, LaTale, might interest me. I’ll look into other versions of it, cause as we all know Anime-Styled MMOs are from Korea. ;P

Moving along…

I’m currently playing under the name meowerchan, the same as my username for OGPlanet, so look for me. Currently my character is Hana with blonde hair and a teal t-shirt. Still in defualt clothing. =3=

Anyways, I wanted to say something about this. Oddly enough, I had seen Albatross18 before Hinano mentioned it. I was wandering NicoNico for some Miku videos (As I always am), and one of the advertisements was for “スカッとゴルフパンヤ“, AKA Panya’s Japanese Counterpart. At the time, they had a thing going on with Crypton which had Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin and Len running around as NPCs (Each letter links to different notices). I quiet honestly contemplated signing up to play. xD; The fact Miku, Rin, and Len were out on the game made me super happy. Too bad I never did sign up.

Too bad something like that would never end up in the English version. =3= If it ever does, I’m pretty sure I will be dreaming. xD;

Anyways, the game’s cute and it’s fun, so if you have free time, play it. I persoanlly can’t sit through a whole game (18 holes), though. I was playing with someone and they had it set to the whole course and I got really bored by hole 10. xD; I can’t handle more then 9 or so holes in a row, then I’m out for a bit.

Any suggestions for RPG-MMOs would be nice. =3 As a note, I go for cute, anime-style games. And if it’s not cute, the graphics have to be very effing pretty. xD;


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