Here she’s comin’ round the corner, Here she comes!

June 17, 2008 at 3:21 pm | Posted in Anime, Conventions, Events | 3 Comments
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Anyways, AnimeNext is rolling around the corner quickly, and I’m making last minute preparations for everything. I’ve got a CD to burn, a wig to comb, bags to pack, and finals to take.

Hopefully all will go well, and no harm will be done to anybody. Here’s my plans for the weekend, if people wish to find me…

Cosplay Hatsune Miku
School from 5-freaking AM – 12/Noon.
Rush butt home and get to con.
Get badges.
Hare Hare Fever Panel
HHY/MSF/Caramell/Whatever Dance from 4-5PM.
Free time for Lunch.
Dealers room/Artist’s alley sometime.
Reg for Karaoke Open Mic.

Cosplay Hatsune Miku
Get my arse out of bed.
12/Noon-1PM HHY/MSF/Caramell/Whatever Dance Day 2.
1-2PM Vocaloid Meet-Up and Photoshoot.
Break time.
3-4PM Yuri Panel.
4-5PM C.R.A.Z.Y. O.T.A.K.U. Panel.
Whatever time’s left for Karaoke Open Mic.
DDR after that until 8PM.
Masquarade from 8-9:30PM ish.
9:30-11PM “Smutty Screens – Eroge to Anime (16+)” (YEY HINANO <3)
11PM-Whenever Dance/Rave.
Dealer’s room/Artist’s Alley if time found.

Cosplay Haruhi Suzumiya
Get Arse out of bed again.
12/Noon-1PM HHY/MSF/Caramell/Whatever Dance Day 3.
Dealer’s room/Artist’s Alley sometime before 2PM-ish.
Freeplay in Video games until 2PM.
2-3PM “Basics of Character Design” panel.
Free time until 4PM.
4PM – Closing Ceremonies.



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  1. I’ll see you a few times like HHY/MSF/Caramell/Whatever dance and Hare Hare Fever. My friend thinks I’m crazy because I planned for us to go to 2 dance thingys back to back. I’ll see you at open mic. Matbe at the dealer’s room, probably not. *GASP* You’re not going to the concert on Friday? My schedule is packed. Like, stuff right after another. A lot of running around. And I hope you don’t think I’m stalking you. I have a wierd way of trying to be friends with people, so don’t be scared of me.

  2. Aww have fun at Anime Next. Would love to have made it, this year. My friends are going so maybe they’ll probably bump by you.

  3. You know if I didn’t get into Soul Eater, I woulda gone and cosplayed as Miku or Rin for Anext lol XP OH WELL WHATEVS I MUST CATCH THAT GATHERING AND SNAP SOME PHOTOZ

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