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SGT Frog 15Well, as I said before, I recently went off to buy more manga. Since I’m still working through Shugo Chara! Vol.4 (JP), and the fact it’s still rather early in the moring, I chose to read SGT Frog Vol.15.

As an overall series so far, this one is amusing and entertaining at most points. The nice thing I find is that you don’t really have to read it in order, since the stories really have no links between each other. Though you should read them in order. ;3 The fact is that the only links each “Encounter” makes with another are the weapons made and characters met. Each story can be read whenever, making it not-so-bad that Tokyopop takes forever to translate these darn things.

Moving along, this book contains Encounters 118-125, plus a few bonus pages about Pururu (The Female Alien), and Fuyuki’s Easter Island information.

Encounter 118 takes place at the end of the year, when lots of contruction work is being done around the town. Unfortunatly for the Hinata Family, Keroro and his platoon are also doing contruction work… but inside the house! Coming home to see Giroro and Keroro pounding on a patch of the house to contruct parts of their base, Natsumi stuffs Keroro into the ground for Giroro to smash. We cut over to see Keroro with a flattened head and complaining about what’s going on. Kululu says that the Pokepens (AKA Earthlings) are destroying public saftey at the end of the year, due to shows based on criminals. The group decides to do similar and arrest Fuyuki and Natsumi for various reasons. Their mother soon comes home to a futuristic-looking inside to their home (Due to the makeover Keroro was working on) And sets the two free. They have a weapon of some sort upon the roof, and it is in violation of cosmic laws, and thus they are fined and are marked on their Planetary Visitation badge. Nice job you guys.

Encounter 119 begins with the Alien crew atemping to plot an invasion, inturupted by Kululu’s amusment at the game “Fukuwarai“. Kululu had done it with Paul (Momoka’s Butler), ending up with a humourus result. They then proceed to do it with other people. Using this as a “weapon”, Keroro decides to threaten Hinata with this, saying they will be in charge of her face unless she takes up in a Fukuwarai challenge. With Kululu holding the pencil, it would not be a good thing to ignore the challenge. Turns out, the challenge is to replace Keroro’s, Giroro’s, and Tamama’s faces… in the dark. It ends up with some weird looking trio of aliens, ending up causing everyone to laugh. The end page had a folding thing with Paul’s face, but I’m afraid to do it in the book.

Encouter 120 Keroro’s star sticker on his belly is pealing off, and Kitty-Chan takes it for herself. Using the Animal-To-Soilder ray, Kitty-Chan becomes their new captain. She helps the cats in town by giving them milk, a job, and beds, and finally decideds to help the invasion. Since she knows Giroro likes Natsumi, she plans the capture of Natsumi and almost causes Giroro to marry Natsumi. Only to be inturepted by Keroro attacking her to take the star back, returning him to power.

Encounter 121 (Man there’s a lot of chapters) is about Koyuki, the resident Ninja/Shinobi. She wants to be normal, but with her abilities, it is near impossible. She uses a spell to have herself be unable to use her ninja abilities, and become a normal human. The alien crew attacks Natsumi, and the spell breaks. Koyuki rushes to Natsumi’s aid, who says that Koyuki’s before “normal” is better then the normal with the spell.

Encounter 122 talks about how Natsumi wants to loose weight. Keroro wants to help, and has her join in Kerorobotics, which, in the end, has her gain weight. (laughs) Nice job aliens.

Encounter 123 brings in Pururu, the female alien, into the cast of characters. Entering with the apperance of a normal Pokepenian, she jokingly attacks Keroro, and then returns to her alien form. They remember some old memories, and Pururu heals up Keroro a bunch of times. Pururu uses her Resonance to fix the room that she had destroyed at the begining of the chapter. She gives points to each of the crew, and reports it to her alien crew.

Encounter 124 and 125 bring in Alisa again, and she gives Fuyuki a small Maoi. Kululu does an investigation on it, and gives Fuyuki the cordinates to where Easter Island is. Fuyuki and Keroro head off to the island, hit by something. Fuyuki and Keroro are saved by ghosts of some sort, and meet up with a mysterious boy who speaks in another language. They follow the boy when the sun rises, and are hit by a large enemy alien. Alisa arrives and tries to dispose of it. The alien crew appear as well, helping Alisa get rid of the scum. After they destroy the monster, Keroro and Fuyuki talk to the boy (Keroro can understand him due to the badge on his head, Fuyuki holds onto Keroro to also understand), who explains that removing a Maoi will cause monsters like that to appear (Called Aku Aku by the boy). He also explains that his is a Mana, and was to lead them to the spot to place the Maoi. They return to home in the ship the alien crew came in on.

Conclusion: I like Kitty-chan. xD


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  1. The manga looks cute. I might read this :D

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