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May 23, 2008 at 5:52 pm | Posted in Life, Manga, Novels, Raves, Shugo Chara, Yaoi/Yuri | 5 Comments
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Well, I was off to go get some more manga, as I found 20$ while cleaning, and I start browsing the (decently sized) manga shelves at a nearby Borders/Walden Books. To my amazement…

There was KASHIMASHI. <3 They now carry Yuri in the stores! Whoot~

Also I did spot Strawberry Panic amungst the items they now have.

Since I didn’t find every manga I wanted, we headed across the street to the Barnes & Nobles, and they ALSO carried both series. =3 Though, these are different B&N and Borders/Walden Books then I normally go to, so it may be in the fact the store’s stand alone (B&N) or two-story/larger (Borders). =____= I picked up Kashimashi 4, but I still need 2 and 3. I’ll be ordering them sometime soon.

MangasAnyways, I did pick up a few mangas, of course. =3 I picked up the following:

  • Shakugan no Shana (Novel) — The Girl with Fire in her Eyes
  • Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ Vol.4
  • Chibi Vampire Vols. 7+8
  • SGT. Frog Vol. 15
  • Shugo Chara! Vol.4

I will be comparing SC! 4 (US) to the Japanese version later on, since I’m still working on the Japanese one. @___@;;; Kashimashi won’t be read until I get 2 and 3… and Iunno when I’ll read the rest, since I still have SC!4 and 5 (JP) to read. xP

Either way, I’m extremely happy that the stores carry Yuri. It made me squeal like a fangirl. <3



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  1. lol. =3 Isn’t it happy? You should try reading VOICEFUL and FIRST LOVE SISTERS as well.

    I tend to find that Borders/Waldenbooks tends to carry most manga by Seven Seas before B&N do. Seven Seas also publishes like…99% of the yuri on the market here in America. XD

  2. I want to read First Love Sisters, but I’m like “*no monies*” Dx

    Yus, we <3 Seven Seas. x3

  3. But aren’t you already a fangirl all ready? >_< Borders has neat weekly discounts… my friends go nuts for it.

  4. I neeeeeeeeeedneedneed to buy Kashimashi. I’ve just been seriously short on funds lately. ;__; *tears* My local B&N refuses to carry any yaoi or yuri :U;; I couldn’t care less about the yaoi but GOD DAMMIT I NEED MY WOMANLUVS SDKLGJADGSKLJDSKLGDSJKL B( At least Borders has a good stock of different yuri titles. You should totally check out First Love Sisters if you haven’t already because it’s really cute. :3

  5. I want to read First Love Sistsers, but I a poor girl barely able to afford manga from time to time. =___= I know I need a job, but iunno… just don’t feel motivated. >___<;;;

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