Idiots of the world…

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Let's Flame them... Litterally.

Okay, as I mentioned a few days back, I took part in my school’s Rock Band compition. Me and my friends practiced a bit before going out for the show, and then we were off.

Anyways, time to flame those idiots. I wish I had Chimchar/Hikozaru’s flamethrower. Dx Then I could flame ’em litterally too.


Upon arriving, we wait for a bit, and we get 5th in line. Everyone seems to be missing the adapters for the controlers (A complete nessesity for the X-Box360 controllers), so we lend one to the group a head of us. As we go in for the technical performance, it’s that stupid South Park song “Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld”. Eh. Really stupid song. We go up to easy mode because it’s an impossible rank’d song on Guitar/Bass and we’re not that strong of guitar/bass players. Plus, we could barely do those impossible rank’d songs on medium! Anyways, so we pass with a 93K or so score, and head out to wait to go on stage. We lend the adapter once again to thos in front of us. The first group goes up. This is the group of idiots who were acting like butt-holes the day before. They claimed they were already the winners and blah blah blah blah blah. They end up unplugging their Stratocaster (Guitar) And are disqualified. They basically get annoyed and go off stage in a huff. The next few groups (Us included) are plagued with a faulty port, which we all stuck the microphone into, causing part way through the song for the mic to fail out since it was no longer registering the voice coming in.

We go on, the group before tossing over the adaptor, and have a few issues hooking up the controllers, but get ’em all working in the end. We get all on the stage, and everyone is shouting for us. =3 We have the best audience reaction, srly. We get ready to go, and pull out a corny joke since we have our drummer in a Chiken Suit (“Why did the chicken cross the road?” “TO GET TO ROCK BAND!”), and get a’rollin. We weren’t doing so bad, though I wasn’t hearing everything as all I was focusing on was the colors flying down the thing on the screen. We have the port issue and mic stops working.

As we failed out, I was whammy’in the crap out of the note that I had, hoping to god that I would get enough overdrive to pull in and save the vocals. Didn’t, and we failed out. They figured out it was the port, and the teachers go on. The teacher-group was not officially in the tournament, and was just a silly little add-in. They play two songs, and then the rest of the show goes on. A few more bands go on, including a friend from my Physics class, and then intermission.

Turns out, because of their stupidity of pulling a bad trick and unplugging the controller, the boys from the first group were taking it out on everyone else. Sitting in the audience, they shouted crap to the people, including us. Apparently, we were told to “Go home”, that we were “ugly [insert f-work here] girls”, and other lovely insults. During other acts, the idiot boys decided to rush around the stage acting like morons. =___= I wanted to slap the crap out of them. But I didn’t.

So, intermission ends, and everyone goes back inside. We’re told we might get another chance since we had the port problem. But it all mattered on time. Our bassist gets dragged home, along with all our intruments, thus there would be no point. =___= So the rest of the bads go, and I watch from the window at the side of the stage, and talk to some of the nice guys who were also in the compitition (Let it be known only 5 girls were in the compition, Our group of four, and one on vocals for another band). While we all look really freaking weird (Stage makeup people…), they were nice and weren’t like “U SUK. UR A GURL.”. While pumped up and excited, they didn’t overdo it and get cocky like the first group on stage was being.

As the show drew to a close, All bands were called to stage, and we headed on. As it was said winners would be announced, we all begin to chant “NOT ER!” (ER being the idiot-group that went on first), as the idiots from ER ran around like morons probably annoyed we all hated them (XDDD <333). Of course, they didn’t win. =D They had be disqualified. They got OWNED, plxkthnxbai.

So yeah. It was a lot of technical difficulties, but the major issue was the idiots who went first. They can’t even be a good audience, thus they deserved to be taken out of not only the show, but the audience as well. If all they can do is insult the group up there, they don’t belong anywhere near the building during it. Seriously, everyone hated them.

Lesson: Not all the guys who play PS2/PS3/XBox think girls do not exsist on the internets. >3 Just those ones that think they own at life.


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