Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness Special

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LOGO DESU!Firstly, excuse the image quality, screencaps are from YouTube since I couldn’t find it elsewhere and was bored and wanted to watch.  Secondly, any of the subtitles I have added are either incorrect for amusement, or based off my knowledge of the actual storyline of the game this is based off of. As a note, The Japanese Version’s Logo is SO much spiffy-er.

As a note, for the Fakey-Subs… Brown is Diguda/Diglett, Blue is Pochama/Piplup, Red is Hikozaru/Chimchar, Yellow is Korinku/Shinx, Green is The Kakureon/Klecleon Brothers and later Kimiwari/Sunflora, Pink is Zangoose, Dark Blue is Gabite, Purple is Multiple People (Ussually Pochama/Hikozaru), and Yellow-Green is Perappu/Chatot. LAWLZ THE RAINBOW. Moving along… Here’s a review. xP

As a second note, I will swap between the Japanese Pokémon names and English names depending on how used to a name I am (Daimond/Pearl Pokémon I’ll most likely refer in their Japanese names). First mention of a Pok§émon will mention both versions of their name (If there is a difference).

NO BAD GROVYLE!So, we begin seeing a Juputoru/Grovyle rush into this little object in a cave. Since I already knew what it was in the cave, I was shouting at him, because that’s a TIME GEAR! Bad Grovyle! We see things in the cave suddenly stop moving, and cut to the Opening. =___=;;; Besides the logo, we see what must be the three heros, Pochama/Piplup, Hikazaru/Chimchar, and Kimiwari/Sunflora. They go through some stuff with some weird music in the backround, And the episode finally begins with Hikazaru standing outside of a tent thing.

OMGNOWAI.Hikozaru is startled from a flash of light that shoots out from the hole that resides inside the tent. A group of Pokémon are booted out, and up comes a Diguda/Diglett. Diglett looks at the footprints and notices there was a fourth pokémon, Hikozaru, there. Hikozaru runs for the hills beach, and trips over Pochama/Piplup. We see a hillarious scene between these two, and even if you don’t know what they’re saying, if you know the plot of the games, it’s funny to see the faces.


Pochama has a bit of a shock.

LAWLZ Pochama's Face!Hikozaru is magically convinced that Pochama might have been a human, but Pochama is a pokémon now fer shure, so Hikozaru convinces Pochama to help him make an Exploration Team. Pochama asks what it is, and Hikozaru explains it a bit, and they they head back to the tent. They hop over the gated hole thing on the groud, and get caught. We get to see yet another one of Pochama’s faces. Hikozaru explains he wants to form an exploration team, and they let them inside. Pukurin/Wigglytuff greets them (Gawd such a face. .____. ) Since Wigglytuff is the leader of the Explorer Team Guild that lives within the tent. They explain how weird things are happening within Treasure Town (The town of only Pokémon this happens in), and it might be because of Time Gears.

Poké-Danzu!After a bit of talk, Wigglytuff agrees to let Hikozaru and Pochama form an Exploration Team. She asks for a team name, and as far as I heard, Hikozaru said it was “Poké-Danzu” (Maybe “Poké-Dan”, but everytime they said the team name it had “zu” at the end. .___. *shrugs* I will refer to it as “Poké-Danzu” anyways). Wigglytuff is okay with the name, and Hikozaru jumps for joy. They recive badges to prove they are a real exploration team now.

Later on, the two head off to bed, and Hikozaru falls ontop of Pochama. Pochama then has a vision of the future, and we cut for commercials after Pochama pushes Hikozaru off.


This needs no words.

Yey, More faces!They wake up in the morning for Aprentice Exersices or something (It’s one weird part of the morning in the game), where they all shout the rules to Wigglytuff’s Guild. (1-3 anyways) We see more of Pochama’s great faces. After this, Perappu/Chatot says Wigglytuff needs to see them. They go to see Wigglytuff, and there’s this adorable Korinku/Shinx asking for help. He lost his sister, and needs an exploration team to find her I was wrong, His sister is sick and needs this scale thing to save her. Wigglytuff assigns Poké-Danzu to the job, and adds in Kimiwari/Sunflora to the crew. Crap.They are told they have to go to a Mystery Dungeon, and we get an explination of what they are. Even if my subs aren’t acurate, they pretty much sum it up on Mystery dungeons. Anyways, the trio sets off to town to buy some things. We meet the Kakureon/Kekleon brothers (Who, frankly, freak me out, even in-game). We also see Zangoose, Sandopan/Sandslash, and Sutoraiku/Scyther (Replacements for Team Skull (Dogaasu/Koffing, Zubat, and Sukantanku/Skuntank) from the game.) who seem pretty annoyed (They were the group that got kicked out before). Sunflora buys some stuff, including a Bow Tie for Pochama, A “Boy Scarf” (LAWLZ) for Hikozaru, and a Scarf for herself. Now Ready to OWN! This was the scene Pochama had predicted.

>3The group then heads off to the Mystery Dungeon instructed and Hikozaru isn’t exsactly strong. Sunflora tells some stuff about how the scarf will help Hikozaru be strong (!), and they head off again. Pochama nearly falls off a cliff, but Hikozaru saves her (Him? I can’t tell. The voice is female though). Upon being grabbed by Hikozaru, Pochama sees the future again, where a bridge breaks and falls apart. They reach the place Pochama just saw, and Hikozaru sets off on the bridge that Pochama saw break. Pochama stopps Hikozaru, just in time.

GABITE!They then run into Zangoose and his crew, who says some probably rude stuff to them. Theyt enter the next room, and are greeted by a menacing Gabite. Gabite does some talking, and then uses Sand Attack (I think that was it xP). Hikozaru shoots stuff (fire) from his mouth, which I find rather weird because he is talking (Though I know he’s a pokémon). He fails to clear the sand, and Pochama gives it a shot with Bubble Beam, and clears the sand away. Gabite gets angry and slices PochamaLAWLZ.The determined Sunflora gets hit by the funniest animated moves, Attract. Honestly, that looks like it would be something in a Mahou Shojo anime, not Pokémon. (laughs) And to see Gabite using it, (laughs) even better! Sunflora then sees Gabite as the best shiz since sliced bread, and basically doesn’t do anything. Even when Hikozaru slices Gabite’s face. Pochama Bubble Kousen’s (That’s Bubble Beam in Japanese. =3) Gabite while Hikozaru chops up its face, and Instant-a-KO. Sunflora then snaps out of her fangirl-dom, and asks what the heck happened. Hikozaru and Pochama claim nothing happened. (heh)


Nandemonai! Nandemonai!

Gabite gives them what looks like a little seed thing, and I guess that’s what they were loking for or something. *shrugs* They strike the OWNAGE pose again, and head back to the Guild. We see the two Shinx being all cute and amazing like that, and they the Shinx gives them a claw-looking thing as a reward. Chatot, being an ass, swipes it, saying it’s the fair share for the guild. Fair share my ass, I only get 10% of the Poké every time I help people! Gawd! We yet again see Pochama’s face in funny mode, which gives me even more reason to love Pochama. He then gives a heroic speech I didn’t understand a word of, and we cut to a “TO BE CONTINUED…” screen. So I guess there will be more specials (Which the American version will lump into one episode xD).

Man, I’m 16 and blogging about POKéMON. LAWLZ.



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  1. Are you sure that’s what they say in the special?

  2. xD No, I’m sure most of my fakey-subs are probably off by a lot. xD Most of it was figured from body language and faces as well as the scene. Some of it might be somewhat correct (At least in the point of what’s said), but that’s not exsactly what they say. It’s what kind of feel it gives when you watch it.

  3. oh, okay.

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