Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time — Game Review Part 1

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... I bought the US release, not the Japanese one.Yesterday after my mom and sister went to church, they headed over to GameStop to look for some stuff. Both me and my sister have fallen back in love with Pokémon with the release of Daimond/Pearl (I got Pearl, she got Daimond), and the new Mystery Dungeon releases came out yesterday. (Somewhat) Amazingly, GameStop had them in-stock and non-pre-orderers were able to buy it. My sister picked up Explorers of Darkness for herself and Explorers of Time for me. I was excited because I might actually finish this Mystery Dungeon game. I still have Blue Team sitting around half-finished (I’m a Pikachu named Jamie with a Chikorita named Meower as my Partner).

Anyways, without further ado, here’s my review of the game so far.

To begin, Let me introduce the Pokémon availible for the Hero (That’s you). From the Grass type there’s Bulbasaur, Treecko, Chikorita, and Turtwig. From the Fire Type comes Charmander, Torchic, Cyndaquil, and Chimchar. From the Water Type emerges Squirtle, Mudkip, Totodile, and Piplup. As an oddball, Pikachu is stuck in there. Also, Skitty, Meowth, and Munchlax are in there are options for the hero only. You take a personality test, just like the first Mystery Dungeon series, to determine which you’re most like. Unfortunatly, the Pokémon you are weighs heavily on the questions you get. So, if you don’t like the Pokémon you get your first try, power-off and power-on the system and keep trying. My sister got all but Bulbasaur before she got the Pokémon she wanted, which was Pikachu. Also, check the game footage on the Official Site to see what personality type each Pokémon is, so you know if you don’t get that type you can turn off and on. EDIT: Found a really nifty guide (Starter Pokémon Guide) to help you figure out how to get the starter you want. As a note, everyone seems to say that if you get Pikachu or the Normal-types you don’t pick your Partner. THIS IS WRONG. My sister has chosen her partner, and she is a Pikachu.

Don't touch that!

Don’t Touch That!

Before it says your result, You’re asked to touch the bottom screen with your finger. The Manual says if it doesn’t work too well that way to use the stylus (I had to do so, but I use the sylus in combonation with my finger. ;3). After a few seconds the screen will fade to black and you can tak your finger off. It then assigns what color your Aura is. Mine was “A Mysterious Purple“… everytime. You are then labled a personality type, and matched with a Pokémon. It took me a few tries, but I finally got the quirky type to become a Piplup. After you find out what Pokémon you are, it’s time to pick out your partner. Your partner cannot be the same type as you (For exmaple, you get Torchic. You cannot have any of the Fire Types are your partner). You will then name your partner, Mine is Meower the Chikorita, and get to watch a somewhat lengthy opening.

Sorry, was to lazy to find the English one taped on YouTube. xP

Your Partner finds you washed up on the beach and asks you how the hell you got there.  So, Koffing and Zubat come over and steal your partner’s important object and you have to rush off to the Beach Cave to save it. They’re not too hard, nor is the dungeon, so it’s pretty easy. Upon finishing, your partner asks if you’ll form an exploration team with him/her. You basically get no choice, since even if you choose “No” you’re prolly going to get mobbed by your partner to join anyways, so don’t bother fighting it. xD Like, why else would you have bought this game anyways? So your partner leads you over to the this tent thing. Your partner stands ontop of the grate and has his/her footprint announced, and then you are told to step on it. The Diglett underneath is confused by your footprint, since apparently alot of [instert pokémon you are here] don’t live in Treasure Town. So your’s allowed in because you don’t “seem bad”. Chatot comes over to tell you “No Selling stuff!” but your partner says that you want to form an Exploration team. Chatot says some things under his breath about the “training being really hard”, but you go in anyways. Wigglytuff is a weird guildmaster, and lets you into the guild. You’re then asked to name your team (Mine’s SOS-dan, by the way), and then escorted to your room. Save your game, and it’s time for a new adventure.

Explorin' time!Now I won’t spoil too much of it so far, but I am currently on the Guild Exploration part of the story, and I seem to have some bad luck and can’t make it though. =___=; The game does get a bit interesting. While, yes, Bidoof isn’t the prettiest pokémon around, He has a very kind personality. I’ve grown to like Bidoof a bit after exploring with his to the Base Camp.

As a little thing to show you, here’s a parody of the American Commercial for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness.





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  1. Is it different from the first game though? I played the first game for the DS and I was pretty disappointed by it.. what makes this different?

  2. how do you make sure your a piplup? I have been trying for 3 weeks and not once was I a piplup!

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