Weekly Mabinogi Report — 04.20.08

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Kise (OB+) Age 17Thus begins something I hope to keep going at a regular pace. The Weekly Mabinogi Report! I will include Patches, Events, Personal Goals, and Achievements in these posts once a week! Since I’ve already accumulated 9 or so weeks of play time (All Betas Included).

The image will be Kisemi’s (My Character) “snatshot” file when I make the post.

Current Mabinogi Stats

Name: Kisemi

Server: Tarlach

Age: 17

Level: 25

In a Box!Well, To begin, I’ll talk about the begining of Open Beta, when this Kisemi began. Kisemi began as a little 10-year-old character, with her long orange hair going to her mid-back. She has the “innocent eyes” in aquamarine (I think) and is always smiling. She was able to fit into a box at this age (Try it, it’s fun!), as seen at right. Also in the box are Kisemi’s friends Golgari and Minkai. Kisemi met up with a lot of her friends from Closed Beta and Pre-Open Beta, and added them back to her friends list. She also made lots and lots of new friends and ranked up her skills a lot.

More bars in more places

Cingular, More bars in more Places. Even Erinn has perfect reception!

(Left to right: Hayato, Kisemi, Aimee, and someone else)

We also wandered through Math Dungeon and found some interesting things. We were scared at first of the Giant Skeles, but they were easy. We preceeded through Math dungeon (Still don’t get what Math has to do with a dungeon. >___< ) And beat the Hellhounds easy. (Party of 5 kick-arse players, heck yeah!)

At the end, well, I’m pretty sure some might have seen it coming…




New item!However, Hayato thought that the box was a bathtub, and we all ran out of the box. Also, the Satue at the end of Math is BEAUTIFUL. It’s worth a thousand pictures. Moving on, we also conquered Ciar normal with a party of EIGHT. Overkill much?

Hayato seems to be pretty unlucky, as he keeps on getting this item called “Kisemi” in his box. (x3)

After a while, I headed to Dunbarton and found my twin again (Aimee), and died at the hands (?) of chocolate milk. In Math later on, Minkai said that Hayato should stand in one of the boxes and be a Music Box. Since he didn’t, I did for him. xD Too bad Kisemi doesn’t spin like those ballerinas.

A few days ago, after everyone else rebirth’d (Sheesh they’re all midgets naoz), we found some Siamese Twins, and botters. I once again died at the hands of milk (This time strawberry!), and saw the amazing Nao. Gragh, why can’t players get her amazing shape? She’s so frikkin’ perfect! We’re either balloons or sticks. =___=;

On a somewhat related note, I keep running into Japanese Mabinogi ads while on NicoNicoDouga/NicoSound.


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