Shugo Chara! — Episode 23

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Just keep Walking, WalkingFinally I come to you with a review on Episode 23 of Shugo Chara. Probably by now Episode 24 is subbed and out, but whatever.

This episode Amu goes to get Suu back from Nikaido. Eh. *shrugs* We begin with Suu being in the cage, complaining that Nikaido is stupid and he should get a new cup of coffee. LAWLZ. Yeah, World Domination… or a hot cup of Coffee? Hrmmm, Suu, is that coffee really that important? Moving along…


So after seeing Suu in the cage, we see Amu, Miki, and Ran chatting about ifgthey can save Suu. Amu goes all determined-like, and we get a sparkly, color-dodge picture like at the right. Little kiddies! Look! Shinny!

Anyways, Ikuto comes over and Amu realizes that he’s wearing a school uniform (.__. The fact there are crosses on the uniform is a bit odd for me though). His friends then comment on the fact he’s talking to an elementary schooler. Then the chibis mention what they had seen of Nikaido’s Lab, and Ikuto becomes slightly protective and tells her she should be careful and stuff. Like magic, Amu is at the gate to Nikaido’s place.

Nice Pose.


Clean up, Clean up, Everyone Clean up!

We cut to Suu, who has gone on a cleaning rampage, and finds Roboto-San and a picture with Kiddy-Nikaido. She asks what it is, and he says not to touch it. Suu then bumps into the “Kitchen” and asks Nikaido what it is. He says it’s his Kitchen, and he’s going to insert the X-enegery into Suu and make her into a new egg. She then spasms, and makes Nikaido explode. Nikaido stuffs her back into her egg, and move on. Suu says that if he can see the Chibis that he must have had a Shugo Chara at some point, and we see yet another flashback. Poor Kiddy-Nikaido.

Ya think?Outside, Amu Hop-Step-Jump’s the gate, and comes across a pile of Roboto-Sans. She then Kyara-Nari’s with Miki, and paints the robots to death. As she realizes this might be worse, right on cue (As with everyone in Shojo shows), the Guardians come. As per ussual with every Shojo show as well, none of the robots took this oportunity to slap Amu or the Guardians to death and just stand there as they chat it up. As the kids fight those robots, Amu rushes to Nikaido, who is missing out on the perfect opportunity going on in Suu’s egg. (xD) Amu then Kyara-Nari’s with Ran, and uses her Heart Rod-Boomerang to destroy the Kitchen. Since Amu isn’t too bright, she didn’t think what would happen when that X-energy got out.


Suu then insists that Amu Kyara-Nari’s with her, and such happens. Amu douses the room with honey, color-dodge-ifys the screen with shiny sparkles and golden colors, and cleanses the eggs and removes the X-energy from the robots. She also fixed Nikaido’s egg, and we see Kiddy-Nikaido’s Chibi. Really cute chibi thar Nikaido. The Guardians make it up to the room and Amu tells them not to attack Nikaido.

We then cut to him sitting on a bench reading the newspaper because he got fired from EASTER. He sees an article on his old Sensei, and Nikaido relizes to not give up on his dreams since his Sensei didn’t.


NEXT EPISODE: Sketch of the Heart!


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