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Suu Suu! DESU!I’ll post on Episode 23 laters. xP

Anyways, here begins the post on Episodes 21 & 22 of Shugo Chara!.

To begin, There is Suu, freaking out.


Okay, enough teasing the little chibi. Moving on.

HOMIGAWD NOT MIKI!Basically, we begin with Amu saying she’ll House-Sit (LAWLZ, The house gonna do a trick?) while Mama and Papa go to Ami’s school play (Or something to that effect. KITANOKAZE BYUUUUN!). She’s told their Grandmother is sending a crab Via “Cool Mail” (LOL at the name), and Amu would have to sign for it. Later on, they receive the crab thing, and have some tea that Suu makes (Doll house cups for the Chibis!). And suddenly, DANGER STRIKES! Miki has been captured by the crab! HOLY SHIMP PUFFS!

LOL Reporter!Ran LOL Commander!Amu and Subordanate!Suu

LOL News Report Style!

Moving along, a sudden cut to Nikaido serves it job in cliffhanging this hillarious scene, and we find out what he’s up to. He is in a book store of sorts, talking on his cell. LAWLZ at the cell phone keychain. He spots another target to snatch up another X-egg. However, upon seeing what the kid is reading… He turns away. Seems he has a soft spot for Roboto-San.

LAWLZSo we, once again, cut scenes, this time back to Amu. She is given a reward of sorts for watching the house, and is being taken to a fancy resturaunt. However, Miki, annoyed by the way they save her before (See left LAWLZ), goes into pout mode and is annoyed at Amu.

So, Amy gets payback, and hands the box/bag thing with them in it over to the cashier guy at the resturaunt. Her parents and Ami show up, and they head over to eat, with Nikaido, of course, plotting.

HO SHIZ.Amu, feeling bad for leaving her Shugo Charas in the storage place, goes to ask for the box back. And, of course, The Chibis are MISSING. Though she hasn’t found out yet, Nikaidao has them, and is once again plotting his destruction of Amu.

Amu then goes on a hunt for her eggs (LAWLZ, leaving her family and the dinner!) She runs across Yoru, and basically strangles him, asking him about her Shugo Charas. He agrees to help her in return for 4 bags of catnip (LAWLZ). They then scale the height of Japan — Er, climb up some walls. Of course, Amu being a clutz, she falls off the walls… and as per usual, In flies Ikuto to catch her.

HO SHIZZUM Prince Ikuto, To the rescue!

Typical Shojo… (sigh)

Push! Push!

Ikuto and Amu fly off into the sky, Ikuto having Kyara-Nari’d with Yoru. Yoru quickly senses Ran, Miki, and Suu. Ikuto lands into the train thing/subway path/whatever it is, and Nikaido is a waiting them with Amu’s eggies. Of course, Amu goes “RAWR” on him, but wuickly gets owned. Nikaido does a little victory dance, and shows off his source of power, three X-eggs. He uses a smoke bomb and gets away. PHAILURE.



Games be Over.

Rewned Hope!

The Guardians want to help Amu, and renew her hope in finding her Shugo Charas.




Some-Kind-of-Radar!Moving along, Episode 22. Begining back in the garden, as the last had ended in it, They begin to set up a plan to find Amu’s chibis. Kiseki and Daichi mention the “Some-Kind-of-Radar”/”One Way or Another Radar” (Depending on translation, LAWLZ at the name). They sense the Chibis this way, though it isn’t a relieable way to hunt out the Chibis.

Quickly we cut to a rather amusing skit with these two weird dudes on a show with Noubuko and Utau. The two guys ask Utau if she belives in Guardian Angels, and she doesn’t exsactly show much emotion. Cutting to Noubuko in her trailer, we see her freak out, which proves to be quite amusing. The two guys calms her down, though she quickly returns to hysterics. She curls up into a ball on the floor, and the manager guys have to pull her back together AMU NO REIDAA!with an extremely weird arse song.

We then cut over to Amu, who is sitting on a bench because the group left her behind. She suddenly thinks she also has this “Some-kind-of-Radar” and attempts, with the amusing pose to the left. She, obviously, fails, and feeling left out she heads off to try and help.

We then cut to Nikkaido and Suu, where he shows her his Kitchen.LAWLZ. We then cut back to Noubuko, who is overun by “weird visions“. Her face is one of the best moments this whole episode. I agree Daichi and Temari, “Look at her face“! Priceless image there. Priceless. Not even a Mastercard could afford it.

Moving along, They trap Noubuko back into her trailer, and Tadase does a GOD MODE TURN ON!, after the group has a spasm attack seeing Noubuko.


Nice one, Yaya

Nice shotting, Tex Yaya.

OMG PLOTWe then go over to see Amu, who’s run into Utau. Utau spills the beans on her manager and Nikaido. Nice one, Utau. They then have a very moving discusion on what Nikaido has done with Amu’s chibis, and both of the girls feel the same. Noubuko, who was driving the trailer-thing with the Guardians inside, promptly runs the girls over, And upon stopping, Tadase turns on GOD MODE again to reasure Noubuko. The group then says they’ll follow Noubuko’s senses to where Amu’s chibis are. Utau also joins along, as she doesn’t like what Nikaido is doing.

Eh wha?

Amu’s head looks weird. LOL.


After reckless driving from Noubuko, they find Nikaido, though personally I wanted them to just run him over or something. Seriously, that would be more amusing. The tire tracks were worth a giggle though. Amu pops out of the car/trailer quickly and attempts to get her eggs back. Of course, Nikaido ain’t stupid, and promises to drop the eggs if she gets closer. We then see the full cast of kiddies, as Nikaido rants about how kids who ignore reality and go after dreams, blah blah blah. Utau pulls herself out, and her manager suddenly appears (How do they all just teleport everywhere?! Sheesh!), and tells her to help them. Utau sees benifit, and KyaraNari’s with Eru.

<3 niiiiice

Me like Lunatic Charm.


Utau pulls out all the stops and packs a punch on the group. And her reason? “FOR GREAT JUSTICE IKUTO!” Of course, right on cue, Ikuto shows up to this scene as well, Quickly removing Kyara-Nari from Utau. Utau suffocates and paralyzes Ikuto with her super power or some stuff, and Nikaido quickly takes the opportunity to escape. Ikuto, of course being the princly boy he is, doesn’t let such happen, and uses his cat tail to swat the eggs. Amu rushes after the eggs, and easily catches Ran and Miki. Unfortunatly, Suu is still captured. Amu tells Nikaido off, and we see a quick glimpse of a flashback. In the smoke Nikaido tells her to come to battle himalone.


(Screeching Hault)

And we end this episode with a lovely shot of the sky with a photoshooped in Suu Egg. End Episode.

Next Episode: Can the capture Suu?! Who knows? (I do! I do! xD)



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  1. Oh wow those pictures are sooo cute!! I thought Shugo Chara sounded like a too-sugary-cute show, but now it seems too adorably cute to resist, I’ll have to watch it!

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