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Since I’m super behind on SC!, I’ll catch up with two grouped episode posts. Episodes 21-22 in the next post. Afterwards, I’ll keep going one episode at a time (As a note, I do watch the subs, but please do not ask where. Go find it yourself. Sheesh).

So, to begin, here’s Episode 18.

Episode 18 opens up with the group talking about stuff in the Garden. As the group leaves, Tadase-kun mentions he has tickets to the aquarium. They all say ‘Sure let’s go!’, and Amu has a ‘Kuuru ando Supaishiii!’ moment, and life goes on. Next Amu-chi’s standing alone waiting for the group, and Tadase rushes up, saying the rest had skipped out (Oh, who could have guessed?! [/sarcasm]). They go anyways, just the two.

Wow, Amu-chi, you seem to have Multiple Personality Disorder.

It's Nemo!Su is being rather single minded, every word out of her mouth is ‘Mr. Dolphin!’, but whatever. Tadase and Amu go around the aquarium and check out the exhibits. Like that to the right. I think they’re saying “Look! It’s Nemo!”. God knows everyone in the US connects Clownfish = Nemo now-a-days. And since Japan is all “OMG DISNEY”, wouldn’t be surprised if they do too.

So anyways, They run off to go see ‘Mr. Dolphin!’, and oh? What’s this…!

A Challenger has appeared! New Player: CHIISA!

Chiisa suddenly laches onto Tadase, giving Amu rather rude looks for a little kid. Also, I think Chiisa has some issues, acording to the screencap to the left. Like, um seriously, you have issues little girl. That’s not what a normal girl says to a guy older then her just cause he fit the fortune you probably made up. LAWLZ.

An X-egg suddenly appears, and Amu rushes off while Tadase is help up by Little-Miss-Nut-Case. She cannot Kyara-Nari just yet, since there are people around, though she Character Changes with Ran to catch the egg faster. Yoru interupts her and goes “Lookit this! I have a keeeeeey!” They try to use it with the lock, but the X-egg feels neglected and quickly steals the key. Amu rushes after the egg, and starts falling or something (I ferget.) and Ikuto catches her. They rush after the egg and lead it to the roof, where Amu Kyara-nari’s with Ran. She attempts to catch it herself, but fails. Ikuto Character Changes and Cat-Claw’s it into a corner and Amu locks on to cleanse the egg. Amu then Un-Kyara-Nari’s and goes to catch the key. She falls off the roof (LAWLS), and Ikuto once again catches her. And, of course, Cat reflexes land him upright. Tadase is finally free from Chiisa-nut-case, and “protects” Amu from Ikuto (EVEN MOAR LAWLZ). Ikuto goes away, and Tadase and Amu go off to finally see Mr. Dolphin! Unfortunatly, Chiisa-nut-case comes magically back and captures Tadase.

Aaaand, End Episode with weird circle-cut around Amu’s head.

And, so ends Episode 18. Amu, Ami, and their parents are at a park to take pictures. Her father keeps going ‘Sashin sashin sashin!’ at Ami and her cuteness. When he gets serious though, it’s an amazing thing to look at. I found this small scene a really nice one, it added a bit of depth into what had seemed a flat character.

Anyways, this episodes goes on about– *shiizh*

I am sorry, but your regularly scheduled Anime Review has been inturupted by a public service announcement.

Never, ever, drive the way ‘Papa’ does. First off, in the United States, the driver is on the left side, thus you will not be steering. Secondly, open your eyes damnit! Also, never look away to think, even if your wife is giving you a stare like that.

That is all. You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled Anime Review.

(heh) Moving on, On the drive home, Papa and Mama talk about their first meeting. Upon returning home, Papa is accused of forgetting thins, and “runs away”. He really just runs to the bathroom. Well… at least he’s got some form of entertainment. Maybe. xD Time for Lunch, and Mama made his fave food and lures him out. They talk about the first picture Papa took of Mama and how it inspired her. Unfortunatly, he lost the photo, and Mama gets angry. And Papa “runs away” again. LOL. Ami and Amu’s remarks are wuite amusing. Amu and her Shugo Charas talk, with Ami as well, since she can see them (LOL Mama should have heard them but whatever), and they agree to go look for the magazine Papa had stuck it in.

Of course, the group has to find the magazine. Mama goes to ask the person running the stall she had given it too. The women says that she sold it to “A boy with glasses”. LOL at the vague-ness. Also, whoever didn’t see the screencap coming, you are dense. How can one not think of that kid is insane. Totally saw it coming. The kid amuses me though (I forget his name sadly. =___=;; What a bad fan I am). He is willing to give the book to Amu, though unfortuantly, Yoru, who had been sneaking around the group steals the book, and Amu rushes off after Yoru and his minion cats.

She finally finds Yoru, with help from Charater Change with Ran. Nadeshiko and Yaya had joined and tried to help out, only to miss their target and hit an innocent clock post. Poor clock. Amu finally gets the photo from Yoru, and Yoru gives up to run away. Amu promptly falls out of the tree, and onto the ground.

Owch. That had to hurt.

The photo’s ruined, but Amu Kyara-nari’s with Su to fix it all up (Including the innocent clock post). They then give the photo to Mama, and all is well. It ends on a rather amusing incident where he wants to run away again, but Ami is sitting on the toilet and says “Occupied!”. Owned, Papa, owned.

And onto Episode 20. In the begining, Nadeshiko, Amu, and Yaya are buying stuff (Or something like that, my memory’s escaped me). They see Kukai in a diner, and Yaya plasters herself against the window for comedic releif.

Kukai has the group sit with him, and his friend, Sion, comes to serve him. She comments on his group of three girls sitting with him, and asks “So which one is the favorite?” Got a little laugh out of me there. Anyways, Kukai asks her to do the “usual”, and she goes over to the piano to play a tune.

How played out can this single scene get?

With the Shugo Charas, as a note, I wanted to see them accidentally hit one of the keys. LOL Imagine Sion then. Anyways, The episode goes on and it turns out it’s Sion’s Birthday soon! Yaya and Nadeshiko go on about “friendship blooming into love” (LOL 11-12 year old loving a 19 year old), and suggest him getting her a present. Tadase supports him (LAWLZ, that face of his, maa-aaan). Kukai goes to see her again, and they hang out on this hill spot.

She hunts for a four leaf clover, though she can’t seem to find one. Kukai and her start a’talking, and… Well, it also turns out, Sion is going away! Oh noes! She is off to rush after her dream. Kukai fully supports her, though she seems a bit half-hearted. Of course, this always means bad things are afoot in the land of Shugo Chara, and I’m pretty sure we all know where this is headed.

Kukai meets up with Amu (By accident as a note) in the mall, as he’s looking for a Birthday & Farwell present for Sion. Amu helps him a bit. Cut to a scene with Utau and her manager, talking about the Embryo and gathering a lot of eggs or something. We cut back to see Sion, who runs into Kukai and Amu hanging out together. Of course, she comments on how Amu must be the favorite, and Amu has a spasm and I think she blows a vein or gasget or whatever. She had a mini meltdown or some crazy stuff. It was fun to watch LOL.

Kukai and Amu head off from Sion, and then Utau starts to sing, with Sion nearby. Utau does her magic point to the crowd, pulling a massive ammount of X-eggs out from people, including Sion (Ooooof course). Suddenly, Su, Miku, Ran, and Daisuki notice the disturbance and mention it to Amu and Kukai. They say the sence X-eggs, and the two split up. Kukai spots the massive X-egg army floating around everyone’s heads, and basically has a “Oh shiiiiiiiz” moment, as he has to do something while Amu looks else where.

Of course, Amu finds Utau, and they chat it up nice. We need Iru, one of Utau’s Shugo Charas. Ran, Miku, and Su all say that they sense Iru here, not the X-eggs, and rush Amu off in persuit of where the X-eggs went. Kukai had pushed them to a small area where no one can see them, and he had begun to gather them. Amu Kyara-Nari’s with Miku now, and “Colorful Canvas”s the X-eggs into oblivion.

Ow Gawd. So many!

And at this moment, I have seen every Kyara-Nari in three episodes in a row. Sheesh, Cylcing are we?

The episode comes to close with Amu cleansing all the eggs, and they returning to their owners. Sion is better, Aaaand, cut to Train station. Amu and Sion are standing there, waiting for Kukai. Of course, he’s late. He rushes in as Sion goes to get onto the train, and hands her a four leaf clover. She hugs him, basically paralyzes him with her super powers of some sort, and heads off. As the train leaves, Kukai stands awestruck, Amu only able to pull him out of it.

Anyways, that’s all. Iunno when I’ll next post about Episodes 21-22, but I’ll get on it later. x3



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  1. hi! :)
    I did relly like this =)
    because i haven’t seen the episodes beause i haven’t found the episodes with eng sub :P
    but do you maybe know where i can find them?
    I have google it, but i havebt found it :/
    any idea?


  2. Iæm sorry,
    I diden’t see the tekst you wrote up there.
    that aboute you wan’t say where you did see the episodes with eng sub.
    then never mind my ask up obove :P

    Love the tekst ;)

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