Excuse me?!

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That is so gross.

Well, here I am, blogging again, another rant (xD I’m so ranty, aren’t I?). Anyways, Basically I was hanging around the Clothing Shop in Dunbarton in the game Mabinogi. I was just waiting along for the right color hat to come in. Suddenly,…

an idiot barges in, shouting that he’s selling a Wing Helm for 20K. I ignore him at first, but he keeps saying it over and over. So I tell him to shut up, and he decided that I’m stupid, and sat on my character. I get up, and sit elsewhere in the store, still waiting for the color change. He gets up, follows me, and sits on me again. I get up again, this time just standing around the store. I move again. He takes off his character’s clothing. He comes over and places his character model on top of mine.

He was raping my character. So effing gross. I told him to Get off me. He said nothing. After a while he called me “Jealous” (In all caps, mind you). What I could be jealous of, I don’t know. He then told me a “Cuz” thing, I forget what, and then I commented on his lovely spelling. He then shouted in all caps (still) that Only nerds spell things right on the internet. Gawd, retard much? I should have told him that nerds only play online games. xD Really should have.


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